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Cyberlink MediaStory for an innovating storytelling experience

All of us I am sure would just love to turn our photos and videos filled with life’s precious moments into truly memorable stories and the best way to do it is to turn to Cyberlink Media Story, which is an app most helpful for turning your photos stored in your albums into animated slideshows that take you down memory lane with all those spectacular stories of your wedding, birthdays, vacations, family holidays, anniversaries, etc., etc.

Each event is a special one and we end up with innumerable photos and videos capturing all of those great happy times which we wish to relive several times again; MediaStory is the one that can help you organize all of your photos in a swift manner to create lasting memories of those priceless moments.

Brief description of Cyberlink Media Story

This amazing app just needs 3 simple steps to transform your photo album into a wonderful story told through animated slideshows that keep alive your beautiful memories forever. It enables you to apply from a number of themes to create your unique slideshow which can be shared with friends and family on your Facebook wall.

Cyberlink Media Story is a software that greatly streamlines the whole process of organizing and accessing the vast number of pictures and also videos no matter where you store your media though scattered across various devices or drives such as phones, tablets, cameras, PCs, etc and helps to assemble a truly professional-looking video for you to relate your precious stories in a captivating manner.

MediaStory is a touch-optimized app that transforms photos and videos from your collection into highly polished video stories which you can save and share on Facebook and YouTube without having to incur the expenses that are involved in traditional editing tools.

It enables you to create a rich legacy of all those romantic tales and those most precious moments in your life which can be relived along with your children and grand children too; isn’t that exciting? This app takes storytelling to a totally different level offering a beautiful and innovative experience altogether!

Special feature of Cyberlink Media Story

When you think of creating a beautiful story you will have to go through a long process of picking and choosing the photos and videos you wish to include and this if done manually can be pretty tedious; Cyberlink Media Story introduces a unique system that can quickly filter and choose exactly what you want thus making the process easy and quick.

MediaStory uses metadata, geo-tags and information from Google and Outlook calendars for automatically arranging media transferred from your cameras, phones or Facebook into groups. You can now browse through your pile of photos and videos by event, date or time, persons in the picture or video, location of the shoot, or even by a self-assigned folder name. This avoids the tedious task of sifting through your huge collection and enables you to find what you are looking for within minutes. So you can filter by event, by face, or even by location, well Cyberling MediaStory is truly smart, don’t you think so?

So, when are you innovating the storytelling experience using Cyberlink MediaStory?