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Cyberlink MediaEspresso, the superior and faster media universal converter

A little about Cyberlink MediaEspresso

A stupendously fast media universal converter, the Cyberlink Media Espresso, a program that is developed by Cyberlink, transcodes your photos, videos, and music files and out puts them to wide range of portable devices such as mobiles, portable media players and also game consoles.

This amazing software installer includes 48 files and about 164.87 KB. Almost 32% of CyberLink Media Espresso users are from the United States it is also popular in countries such as UK and Germany and several other countries too.

CyberLink Media Show, a software application helpful in organizing, editing and sharing photos and videos and is published by CyberLink Corporation. Here the users are allowed to import photo and video files from phones, camcorders and digital cameras.

Part of the same MediaShow family, MediaShow Espresso lays its focus mainly on video conversions and it can convert a wide range of video formats. Swifter video conversions are possible with this technology since the workload of the CPU is shared with the GPU.

More about CyberLink Media Espresso

Even if this program costs a little more than similar ones it is real value for the money spent. This program though a lot more sophisticated than others is quite simple to use; the media converter can handle with ease most of the files and devices and that includes Apple, Android, Windows smartphones, media players, tablets and other popular game consoles too.

MediaEspresso offers the users a truly robust and a highly streamlined interface and also supports latest graphics cards, multithread conversion and direct upload to your social media.

The high quality user interface that comes with CyberLink MediaEspresso along with tutorials for beginners and device-oriented conversion process makes the program easy to be used by a wide range of people. This ease of use is what made it more popular than similar programs that cost much less or come even free sometimes. This is one of the main reasons why it is more recommended than the others in the fray.

MediaEspresso has gone out of its way to make everything easy for the users and all that they need are a computer, a smartphone, and media files that they wish to move from one location to another; and no deep understanding of other intricacies of this program need to be known to the users.

So, in the case of CyberLink MediaEspresso it is convenience that has scored over cost; yes MediaEspresso does cost more but I am sure your money is not wasted.

MediaEspresso has been renamed from MediaShow Espresso and the latest version of this progam can convert any photo, video or music files to a wide range of devices such as smart phones like Apple iPhones, Google Android phones, iPods and iPads the media players, and also game consoles like PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

CyberLink MediaEspresso also features TrueTheater technology which helps to improve the video quality as it converts; yes, you must try it out to experience it!