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Media Suite has all your media player needed- From PowerDVD where you can play almost any media with support for the latest video, audio, and image formats and codecs, to MediaShow where you can easily organize and find all your personal photos and videos with FaceMe face tagging technology.

Articles about the pervious versions of CyberLink Media Suite :

CyberLink Media Suite

Imagine if you can access all your digital media tools in one, reasonably small location. This set up is ideal for many people who want to create, view and share their projects in timely manner without juggling with several clunky software. CyberLink has responded to this by offering an all-in-one collection of its award-winning multimedia software- from movie and media player, video and photo editing software, disc burning software, to file converters and mobile applications.

Since 1996, CyberLink has knowned to deliver a variety of high-quality multimedia applications. That is why in Media Suite, they bundled all their multimedia applications to further give their customers an excellent package option. So if you are looking for a creative total package solution, CyberLink is the place to start.

To begin with, Media Suite has all your media player needed- From PowerDVD where you can play almost any media with support for the latest video, audio, and image formats and codecs, to MediaShow where you can easily organize and find all your personal photos and videos with FaceMe face tagging technology.

If you want to take your video and photo editing to the next level, Media Suite also packs powerful applications such as the PowerDirector, where you can transform your ordinary footage into a movie like it was created by a pro, and the PhotoDirector, where you can create dramatically and stunning images quickly with preset tools. These two goes along with PowerProducer, a complete disc authoring tool to turn your media files into Hollywood-style Blu-ray and DVD disc. WaveEditor,  a precision audio editing tool, also comes in this package.

Other than this, Media Suite also comes with Power2Go, one of the trusted burning software worldwide. It comes with other complimentary tools such as PowerBackup, PowerDVD Copy, LabelPrint, and InstantBurn. If you want to want to share your Ultra HD videos to your friend’s mobile phone, you don t have to worry because Media Suite also comes with MediaEspresso, where you can convert any media files, including 4K videos so you can enjoy it on any mobile device. Lastly, the package comes with the mobile versions of its software such as PowerDirector Mobile, PhotoDirector Mobile, and Power Media Player. All of this software in one complete package, the CyberLink Media Suite.

So if you want to enjoy the convenience of accessing all your digital media tools in one place, Media Suite is certainly the best option for you.

Cyberlink, one of the leading software companies providing digital multimedia solutions, has just released Cyberlink Media Suite 13. In the Media Suite, there are 5 high-quality software including PowerDVD, PowerDirector, PhotoDirector (media editing and playback software) and Power2Go, MediaEspresso (dics burning and digital media conversion). All of award-winning products are put together into Media Suite 13 which is cheaper than buying seperate software.

When users want to do anything relating to the multimedia files, they can easily choose and run the appropriate software in the Media Suite 13 – with 12 software solutions. With PowerStarter laucher, Media Suite 13 offers a simple-to-use, streamlined interface to users sothat they can lauch the correct software with a few clicks. Moreover, when updates or patches of related software are availalbe, PowerStarter will notify users on its single, easey-to-use screen.

With CyberLink Media Suite 13 users get:

Complete Collection – No dout, CyberLink Media Suite 13 is one of the leading multimedia solutions in the software market, including industry-standard applications across multiple product categories – Want software for playback ? You have PowerDVD. Need programs for creating content ? You can use PowerDirector and PhotoDirector. Having to burning and ripping, just lauch Power2Go. With the comprehensive collection – Cyberlink Media Suite 13 – all of things such as multimedia creation, playing, burning, converting or taking the media on-the-go can be done at ease.

More Affordable Price-point – With many high-quality applications, the inclusion of 12 software in Cyberlink Media Suite 13 is worth more than $800. With the Ultimate version, users can get three exclusive mobile apps. Apart from well-known PowerDVD, PowerDirector and PhotoDirector software, Power2Go is trusted by many popular PC and burner manufacturers over the world. For the value of money, Media Suite is a good choice.

Ease-of-Use – PowerStarter in Media Suite, a single and task-based interface, let users lauch and manage any application and all updates easily. With unique PowerStarter, you can open the application you need with few clicks. Select from:

  • Movie – for playing Blu-ray movies, DVD discs & movie folders, plus exploring movie information
  • Video – for creating, playing, editing, organizing, and uploading your videos
  • Photo – to view, organize, edit and upload photos
  • Music – for playing, converting & editing audio files
  • Data & Backup – to burn and copy discs, as well as back up your personal files
  • Utilities – for mounting virtual drives, managing discs and more

Cyberlink Media Suite 12 – Exploring New Stuff

Cyberlink Media Suite 12 has one of the more interesting options that you are going to find within the world of creative software. The company has really packed their latest collection with all you could ever need in regards to setting up videos, photographs, and more. What you will get here is a package of software that lets you think creatively in any arena you could possibly want without delay, and their latest updates comes jam packed with features that you are not going to get anywhere else, for the price.

PowerDVD 14

One of the major additions here is the latest updated to this movie player. It has been heralded as the top DVD playing software, and has new UltraHD 4K video support. It also has even more support, including rare files that you may find online, and if that wasn’t enough it will upgrade YouTube videos to full theater surround enhancements, which are quite nice.

PowerDirector 12

If you want to edit videos on the fly, then you can’t go wrong with this update, as it has been heralded as one of the best in the industry. The price tag is not going to be insane either, giving you an opportunity to end up with a positive solution moving forward. This time around, the updates are faster encoding, built in effects upgrades, and the capability of exporting in UltraHD 4K. This is a powerful software addition and it will impress you with sure power.

PhotoDirector 5

Reviewed as one of the best creative photo editors, this now has support for 64-bit imaging. It also allows you to adjust your photos with built in tools that have all been revamped and upgraded for this release. As far as the 4K elements, you can in fact go there, with UltraHD 4K which will push you to a whole new world of creativity, no doubt.

The updates mentioned above are just the beginning, as the Cyberlink Media Suite 12 update for this year is absolutely stunning. Whether you want to create videos or you want to make sure your entertainment is fast and easy to share, this will do most of the heavy lifting, without breaking the bank. It’s an impressive scale of upgradeability, one that is definitely worth your time. If you’re looking for an all in one creative suite, this is going to be your best bet. Cyberlink really pulled out all the stops here.

The new Cyberlink Media Suite 11 offers an astoundingly comprehensive range of multimedia editing tools that users can access both on their computers and on their mobile devices. This revolutionizes photo and video editing techniques as users can now switch from one device to another minus the hassle. Cyberlink Media Suite 11 is jam-packed with fifteen multimedia tools that allow users to create, play, share, organize, and burn all types of digital media formats, and what’s even better is that it now supports Windows 8 platforms. The program package even contains three power editing tools that are specially designed for Windows 8 mobile devices.

Cyberlink Media Suite 11 contains the following multimedia applications that work perfectly well with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 operating systems: PowerDVD Copy 1.5 Standard, PowerDVD 13 BD Express, InstantBurn 5 Standard, PowerDirector 11 HE3D (including content packs), Power2Go 8 DE, PhotoDirector 4 Ultra, MediaEspresso 6.7 Deluxe, MediaShow 6 Deluxe, PowerDVD 13 BD Express, WaveEditor 2 Standard, PowerBackup 2.6 Standard, and LabelPrint 2.5 Standard. Although this might sound like a fiesta of multimedia tools, the downside is that some of these bundled applications do not feature the full functionality of the stand-alone versions. Nevertheless, the multimedia tools in the new Cyberlink Media Suite 11 package work pretty well to meet standard demands in media editing. The package also includes PowerDVD Mobile 1.1, PhotoDirector Mobile 1.1, and PowerDirector Mobile 1.1 which are specifically designed to function superbly on Windows Mobile 8 platforms.

Starting off with Cyberlink Media Suite 11’s media management tools, MediaShow 6 Deluxe welcomes new users with an interface that is extremely easy to use along with superior media management features that make organizing multimedia files quick and enjoyable. MediaShow 6 Deluxe has a face tagging feature that accurately tags friends on photos in your albums. It also has a wide range of simple photo and video editing tools that you can use to do a quick fix on your files before sharing them instantly on Flickr, Facebook, or YouTube.

When it comes to Cyberlink Media Suite 11’s Media Playback tools, nothing beats the PowerDVD 13 BD Express as it supports a multitude of file formats and even enhances the output quality of HD videos through Cyberlink’s TrueTheater technology. Cyberlink Media Suite 11 also hosts a number of Editing tools, ranging from its PowerDirector 11 HE3D, a video editing software application that’s packed with lots of video effects, to audio editing software called WaveEditor 2 Standard which allows users to record and mix audio files with a touch of special effects.