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Color grading is an essential tool for making impressions, telling stories, and evoking responses from your video viewers. ColorDirector offers creative video-makers of all skill levels, the means to dramatically improve their projects through use of tools to control color and lighting.

Articles about the previous versions of Cyberlink ColorDirector

Cyberlink ColorDirector 4 Ultra

Cyberlink ColorDirector 4 Ultra Features :

Easy Ways to Stylize Your Videos

  • Apply HDR to Video
  • Split Toning for Video
  • Regional and Global Blur
  • Add Vignettes with Radial Gradient Masks
  • Intelligent Motion Tracking
  • Popular Film-Style Grades
  • Video Tinting
  • Easy Color Replacement

Quickly Fix Color & Lighting Problems

  • Modify Contrast & Tint with RGB Tonal Curves
  • Live Histogram
  • Dynamic Keyframing
  • Video Noise Reduction
  • Edge Sharpening
  • Look-up Table (LUT) Conversion

Packed with Pro-Level Performance

  • Round-trip Editing with PowerDirector
  • Popular Format Support incl. H.265 (HEVC) and XAVC-S
  • Import & Export High Frame Rate (120/240fps) Video
  • 64-bit Engine with TrueVelocity 5 Technology
  • Automatic Scene Detection

CyberLink ColorDirector Ultra

Ever dreamed of producing your own videos wherein you can play with colors to accentuate the emotions of the footage without having to deal with a software and fiddle with its complicated controls and features? Many people, including me, are after a software that can literally transform our videos as dramatically and as easy as editing our pictures on Instagram. There was one time when I have to submit a short video focusing on the life of street peddlers, and I was really frustrated because I can’t highlight the colors that I want to pop-out in the clip, which makes my project less exciting and dramatic than what I wanted it to be. Luckily, CyberLink developed a software that can cater to amateur and professional videographers alike: The ColorDirector Ultra.

ColorDirector is a software that offers the advanced video editing technique of color grading. This is used by many professionals to inject mood and energy into productions. It is quite hard to achieve this through other expensive video editing software, but ColorDirector made it possible with it’s streamlined and easy to use features. Targeted especially for hobbyist market, ColorDirector Ultra has features that can create stunning videos. Perfect for landscape scenes, HDR option is one of its key features that adds more dynamic range to your videos. Split toning, where you can play with the shadow’s and highlight’s color is also available to evoke  a certain feeling from your video footage. Intelligent motion tracking also makes it easier to track objects and change or enhance their colors.

If you want to focus your viewer’s attention to a particular object or person, Vignettes and Regional and Global blur are also available. Want to mimic the style of your favorite movie? ColorDirector didn’t miss that as it also comes with a range of built-in presets that emulate the styles of well-known films. You can also save any manual adjustments you make to a video as a preset and use it again to other projects. The software supports a wide range of popular video formats for recorded video, including those taken by action cameras. It also offers native 64-bit support and TrueVelocity editing engine which makes its system efficient and faster at loading HD video footage.

Certainly, this software is bang for the buck for anyone who want to put a little more drama in their raw video footages. With features that can literally put emotions to any video, ColorDirector is a software that is worth spending of your money.

CyberLink ColorDirector 3 Ultra

Cyberlink ColorDirector 3 Ultra has been released with some new and enhanced features. There are many things to explore.

Here are some useful and new features of Cyberlink ColorDirector 3 Ultra :

Video Split Toning

Split toning just been included in the video editor’s toolket. This feature help to add a color to the shadows and highlights of a video. Even it is an old technique, however, it still be a good tool make make your video clips having an impression with the watchers.

Video Tinting

If you want to change the mood of your video, tints feature will be a good way to do that. Make your clips look cooler or more atmospheric, even romantic feelings with a warm sepia tint.

Support Popular Formats including H.265

Software support to import many video formats such as MP4, FLV, WMV, AVI, MPEG-2, AVCHD, ultra high definition 4K video files and next-gen H.265 video files.

Cloud Services for Video Projects backup

Backup is something users care about. With the improvement of Cloud technology, now Cloud Services is included in ColorDirector 3 Ultra so users can save their videos and projects online. These data can be downloaded later when need.

Cyberlink Media Suite 14 collection

There are a couple of challenges you have to face when creating a powerful presentation in the video format. There are many components that are critical in making great videos. Color is one of the very important aspect of making fine videos. Having a complete control on the way you use colors will define the quality of your videos. CyberLink ColorDirector 2 Ultra solution that helps you pick the best color grading from your recorded footage. You can intuitively optimize colors and tones of your video production and create seamless videos.

Here are some great features you will find in Cyberlink Color Director – 2 Ultra:

Creating High Dynamic Range Videos:

High Dynamic Range is one of the more popular techniques used in photography. This technique is used to add more life to the photos. With the help of ColorDirector 2, you can apply this technique to your video presentations and focus on highlighting the essential part of your video.

Light Optimization: Shooting quality videos in poor lighting situations

There are times when you have to take shots in dim light and that can be a great challenge to anyone. Shooting in low light situations distort the scenes and produce unclear and low quality videos. ColorDirector 2 has the solution for this situation too. There are two features that you can use to optimize video shooting in bad conditions as well.  You can make your videos look sharper and brighter with ColorDirector 2.

Exposure Problems: an inevitable part of video shooting

ColorDirector 2 comes with many tools and techniques that can help you in correcting the inevitable part of the video shooting. You can take care of exposure problems and work on the brightness and contrast issues in your videos.

Color balancing with Instant White Balancing

Different locations have different challenges. Light sources come with different temperatures in different places. Colors can be a big challenge for many of the professionals.  ColorDirector – 2 Ultra has many options that can help you balance the color and fix the common problems arising because of lighting sources.

Here are a few fixes ColorDirector – 2 Ultra has to offer you for color balancing issues:

Motion Tracking: Changing colors

With ColorDirector you can look into your videos frame-by-frame and make the adjustment needed. With the unique motion tracking  facility you have all color balancing taken care.

Selection Masks & Keyframing

Changing color has become very easy with ColorDirector’s selection tools. The keyframing functions allow you to select specific frames and work with them real time. You can use the regional color option and make any kind of changes you want in a film in motion.

Atmospheric alteration

You can enhance the color of a scene depending on the mood of the video. This is a powerful tool that allows you to add visual effects to the kind of video you are shooting. You can use ColorDirector to create unique and powerful videos in single clicks. With ColorDirector – 2 Ultra you surely can build a state of the art video presentations and add value to your video productions.