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Articles about the old versions of CyberLink AudioDirector

CyberLink AudioDirector 6 Ultra Features :

Audio Editing for Your Video Projects 

  • Round-trip Editing
  • Broad Video Format Support
  • Synchronize Audio and Effects
  • Ultra HD 2K/4K Video Support
  • Automated Dialogue Alignment NEW

Easily Remove Clicks, Hums & Noises Frequency Spectrum and Waveform Views 

  • Full range of Restoration Adjustment Tools
  • Noise Profile Presets

Add Creative Audio Effects 

  • Visual Effect Timeline
  • Save Sounds with AudioClipper FREE
  • Vocal Transformer
  • Switch Timebase to Beats Per Minute (BPM) NEW 
  • Download from DirectorZone

Simplified Multitrack Mixing

  • Surround Sound Panner
  • Virtual Surround Sound Generator
  • Simultaneous Multitrack Recording
  • Loop Recording NEW
  • 99 Track Recording
  • Smart Transitions
  • Multitrack Volume Control ENHANCED 

Produce in High-Res Surround Sound

  • Burn Your Project to CD
  • Produce in HEVC, FLAC, APE and More NEW
  • Produce Video with 5.1/7.1 Audio

CyberLink AudioDirector 5 Ultra

CyberLink AudioDirector 5 Ultra has been released recently. Some useful features has been added to this new version.

Here are some new and enhanced features of CyberLink AudioDirector 5 Ultra

New Restoration Adjustment Tools in CyberLink AudioDirector 5 Ultra:

  • Noise Reduction- Removes unwanted noise
  • Declip- Clears distortion caused by clipping at the top or bottom of the waveform
  • Declick- Removes track of clicks, pops and crackles in old recording files.
  • Hiss Removal- microphones, cables or amplifiers can make unavoidable hissing sounds, this feature help to eliminates this type of sounds.
  • Hum Removal- Removes low frequency audio artifacts

Vocal Transformer

You can change existing vocals into the voice personality (man, woman, child, etc.,) with presets in Vocal Transformer.

AudioClipper to Save Sounds on iPhone

Now you can save sounds and voice clips on your iPhone with AudioClipper, and then you can use these sounds in your projects to make them more amazing.

Mixer Panel

Mixer Panel give you more control on track volume adjustment during playback in real-time so that you can get the mix of your choice more quickly.

Enhanced Dynamic Surround Sound Panner

Panning the audio of a selected audio clip with Dynamic Surround Sound Panner. You can choose to do this manually, or ready-to-use panning templates. Pans from templates can also be set timed repeats easily.

CyberLink Audio Director 4 is a technology that has brought a breakthrough in editing and improving the sound in videos. It is a powerful, yet easy to use audio editor for you to improve the voice quality of the videos. The latest version comes to you with highly sophisticated inbuilt tools to help you produce better sound tracks. Audio/Video synchronization  is seeing new heights with the new version of CyberLink Audio Director 4. AudioDirector will play a major role in dramatically improving the quality of the video projects you work on.

Here are some quality things you can do with CyberLink Audio Director 4:

Improve your videos: Surround Sound

Enhancing the audio experience and adding life to the sounds is one of the biggest challenges you will face when you work on your videos. With Audio Director you can add Surround Sound audio track to enhance the way the audio will sound of your videos. The new Surround Sound Panner can be used to create seamless synchronization with the action occurring on-screen.

Background music transitioning

This is on the unique new features in Audio Director 4. The Smart Transition feature allows seamless transitions between any two audio tracks. You can move music pieces here and there quickly and effectively without bringing disturbance to the normal flow of the music. If you have videos that play long, then you will love this feature as you can add multiple songs in the background.

Live recordings: Record, Mix, adjust all in one go

Multitrack live recordings are very common when you work with many videos. If you are into music recording, you would realize the importance of having such an option. Recording multiple tracks of musical instruments can be a great challenge for anyone. However, with CyberLink Audio Director 4 you can perform this task easily and effortlessly. You can do multiple things at a time and record all that is happening around you real time.

Soundtracks Enhancement: adding audio effects

The overall impact of any video is in the way the audio effects are ingrained in your video presentation. Adding audio effects to your videos is very easy with AudioDirector’s Visual Effect Timeline. You have a complete visual presentation of the added effects and you will also see the exact location of the added the effects.

Perfect audio repair tool

There are times when you have to work with your videos in a more intuitive manner. These are times when you need a tool that will allow you to play around with your audio and yet give you great output. AudioDirector allows you to repair any kind of imperfections in a very simple and effective way. You can visually see the technical issues and work on them with five fine and seamless intuitive tools. Any form of editing and repairing is the strength of the software application. With CyberLink Audio Director 4 you can edit audio tracks and manage them in a very effective manner and create amazing video presentations.