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Atlas Business Solutions – Customer Appointment Manager

Customer Appointment Manager, a truly great electronic appointment book for you

If you are looking for help to manage your time and your customers more efficiently and effectively then it is Customer Appointment Manager for you; this is an electronic appointment book designed with the specific intention of making these jobs easier for you.

Main product features

Speed: This enables the users to schedule appointments in a swift manner which leaves more time to focus on the customers. You can now add or locate customers, schedule appointments, streamline and manage your waiting lists, etc. all in seconds. Speed and efficiency are the most important features of this product.

Saves time: This amazing electronic appointment book is designed mainly to bring together most of the critical components of your business like your customers and your time which in turn helps you to serve your customers better and thus increase your productivity.

Flexible: Designed specifically to accommodate the users’ unique requirements, Customer Appointment Manager enables you to use definable fields for storing important information and to print appointment calendars and reports in different formats such as PDF, Word, Excel or HTML. With this you can e-mail appointment reminders and messages to customers and also send appointments to your staff for access via e-mail or PDA.

Ease of use: Built with an intuitive design Customer Appointment Manager is easy to learn and use and even a newbie can get started effortlessly scheduling customers in no time at all. Its user-friendly layout provides all of the information that is needed to manage your appointments effectively at your fingertips.

Tested and proven solution: Over 100,000 users have used this scheduling software worldwide and vouch for this product that saves the users precious time making the job much easier.

Affordable: Customer Appointment Manager enables you to witness immediate time savings and a lot of improvement in customer service and a resultant increase in staff utilization. And all this for an affordable price, what more can one ask for?

Brief description of the main features of Customer Appointment Manager

  • Enables the user to work offline even without an internet connection
  • You can add, delete, move or edit the terms agreed with the customer
  • Enables different term search modes
  • Presentation of various customer groups by colors
  • Can send messages directly from the application
  • Can call customers directly from an application
  • Enables you to create a copy of the data to a file
  • Makes possible weekly view and monthly view
  • Offers convenience of operation on phone and also a tablet
  • Supports horizontal and vertical screen orientation
  • Can send quick, single click SMS messages to several customers selected as per group or event date.
  • More than one computer can access appointment information simultaneously with a multi-user version.
  • Comes with a lifetime license

To put it in a nutshell, Customer Appointment Manager is a superb electronic appointment book designed to give you speed and ease of use for enabling you to efficiently schedule appointments, manage a waiting list, track customer history, all of which help to increase repeat business and improve customer service.