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Cuisinart : Griddler – Glass Carafe – Hand Blender – Coffeemaker

  • Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler
  • Cuisinart 12-Cup Replacement Glass Carafe
  • Cuisinart Smart Stick 2-Speed 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender
  • Cuisinart GTF Gold Tone Coffee Filter

Redefine Your Kitchen Using Cuirsinart Kitchen Accessories

Cuirsinart food processors can help add value and elegance to your kitchen. They are designed by expert engineers who have a taste of perfection and excellence. The accessories are available in different designs and models hence finding the right one for your kitchen will not be a problem.

Here is a list of some of the best products under this brand that are currently trending online.

DLC-8S 11-Cup Pro Custom Food Processor

This is a food processor that you can use to make dough, shred cheese, mince herbs and garlic, slice vegetables and the list continues. It comes with a spacious bowl that delivers up to 11 cups of your selected ingredient. To achieve this, the designers have incorporated a steel blade that is capable of slicing any fruit or vegetable fast. It is also important to note that the blades are rust resistance hence they can stay for months without losing their sharpness. There is also an extra large feed tube that you can use to mince large food pieces. It weighs only 18 pounds hence you can easily carry it around if need be without straining your muscles.

DLC 1-Mini Prep Food Processor:

Its design is quite similar to DLC-8S but it has a much smaller food processing capacity. Using its 2 speed settings and patented reversible stainless steel mixing and chopping blade, there is no ingredient that you cannot mince or shred into smaller pieces. It runs on a powerful motor that is strategically located at the base to deliver maximum power to the blades. To achieve the best results, it is recommendable to fast cut the ingredients into small pieces of around 0.5 inches. The sharp edge option should only be used for low speed operations while the blunt edge option should be only be sued to high speed operations.

DFP 14 Custom 14-Cup Food Processor:

This is a large food processor that can be used to perform food processing tasks of high magnitude. Its spacious Lexan work bowl can produce up to 14 cups of minced ingredients. It comes with large and small feed tubes. Use one that best suits the size of the ingredient that you intend to process. All the chopping, dough, shredding and slicing discs are made from stainless steel that is well known for its high rust resistance capabilities. Also, it offers five basic attachments that you can use to shred, slice, chop, mix or knead ingredients depending on the recipe that you intend to prepare. One of the major benefits of using this new era modern food processor is that all its parts can be cleaned using virtually any dishwashing machine.

For best results, follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer in the user’s manual. It is also recommendable to regularly clean all the detachable parts to keep away various disease causing pathogens that can accumulate on the blades. Also, the motor should be wiped to dislodge any particles that may have being trapped inside.

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