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Reflection Software Solutions Releases New Version of Crave World Clock

Reflection Software Solutions, a privately held software development company, has recently released its new version of its famous program known as the Crave World Clock. This program was designed specifically for overseas workers or businesses which interact with businesses outside of their country on a daily basis.

The Crave World Clock was launched in 2008 for the Windows Operating System. The Crave World Clock enables customization of a user’s computer to be more business oriented; that is to add reminders, different time zones etc. so that nothing will be left unremembered. This program enables users to customize their desktop to display either a world map with a world clock or multiple clocks for multiple cities. In this way, countries of interest would be prioritized instead of having to look for them in a list.

A reminders feature comes with the program which adds reminders, with alarms, to different time zones in the world. There is also a multiyear calendar which helps businesses plan their projects even through the years. Finally, international dialling codes are available for every country which helps people who constantly need to make international phone calls. A free trial period of 14 days is available after which the license key must be bought for further use.

Reflection Software Solutions was founded in 2010 by Manoj Shinde. Shinde has been developing software since 1996 and has worked for various companies before starting his private business. His work with other companies mainly consisted of business software for manufacturing and trading. His goal is to create software which would help private, small, and big companies with their businesses.