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Corel WinDVD Pro 12 – Leading Blu-ray & DVD software

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Corel has come out with a new version of its popular WinDVD software called Corel WinDVD Pro 11. This software runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating sytems. A 30-day, full-version trial is available through the official Corel website. Windows 8 will run Windows 7 applications in desktop mode, and this includes the WinDVD software. The installation process is easy and includes setting preferences for DVD region zone and file format associations. An online registration form will be filled out as the process is completed.

The Corel WinDVD Pro 11 user interface looks modern and works well with the latest Windows user interfaces. Bonus DVD playback features include lighting improvements so users can adjust the brightness and contrast of their screen during dark scenes. Other choices in the Enhancements toolbar include Video Effect, Screen Ratio and Time Delay.

Stabilization is also available for shaky videos that are difficult to watch. The Motion Streamliner effect increases the frame rate of video discs and videos imported from your own capture devices. There are settings for both lateral and rotational motion.

Audio enhancements are also present. You can change the acoustic  environment to suit different settings like Theater and Noisy.

Corel WinDVD Pro 11 is compatible with most popular video formats like FLV, MKV, MP4, DivX, WMV, and MPEG. Corel WinDVD Pro 11 also offers playback of Blu-ray videos. Purchasing the physical copy of Corel WinDVD Pro 11 gives you the added bonus of a pair of 3D glasses, because this version of Corel WinDVD also offers playback of 3D Blu-ray. Also available is 2D to 3D format conversion, if you prefer to watch your DVD without the use of 3D glasses.

Amazingly, Corel WinDVD Pro 11 also offers direct emailing capabilities that allow you to send videos via an email client.