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Corel Website Creator

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Corel Website Creator X6 is the tool that you must use for building websites. The software can be used by anyone and everyone who is looking to build websites. You can be a professional or a layman, Corel Website Creator X6 has everything you ever need.

Here is what you can do with Corel Website Creator X6:


It is a technology that is very helpful in designing websites. The SiteStructure allows you to drag and drop components in the web page. The Corel Website Creator has an inbuilt capability of managing the navigation of the web site. Choose your texts, graphics and multimedia and all you to do is, drag and drop the components into the page. You have full range of themes and templates to choose from to build your site. Give a modern appeal to your site with SiteStyles by adding designs and themes that are highly appealing and visually powerful. Work with colors and other attributes with simple clicks and design highly complex and powerful websites.


New SiteSafe technology has an inbuilt capability of protecting your work. You can expect an automatic backup system that is dynamically working with you on your project. You will have all the backup templates of your site that you can use in case of a mishap. You would not lose any data as everything is automatically backed up by the intelligent system.


With Corel Website Creator X6 , you can keep your site up to date.You get fresh templates, images, site designs that you can use on your site. These additions come to automatically and with a few clicks you can update your site with new themes and templates.


If you have many images and stock photos, you can store them in the ImageBank. You can store all your images in a place and use them appropriately on your site. Apart from this, you also have the Corel Website Creator coming to you with royalty free images that you can freely use in your site.

Advanced image editing

Handling images are a big challenge. You need specialized tools to manage and edit the images that you want to use on your site. Corel Website Creator X6 comes with highly specialized tools that are important to build your ImageBank. You can use these tools to edit and play around with your images.

Project management

Corel Website Creator X6 has the capability of managing your project well. You can plan your projects and execute them in a timely manner and take your websites live. You can monitor the progress of any of your projects in simple clicks. You get real time inputs on the way your project is performing. By monitoring your projects, you can focus on the essentials and optimize your work.

Database solutions

You can develop powerful database based sites in minutes with Corel Website Creator X6. You have a very friendly user interface to handle all the essential components of a database driven website.

Finally, Corel Website Creator X6 is the perfect solution for all your website building needs. You can create, manage and deploy professional websites in few clicks with Corel Website Creator X6.