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About the previous version of Corel VideoStudio Pro:

VideoStudio Pro 2018 – Video Editing Software

  • New workspaces and simplified UI
  • New creative effects including Split Screen video
  • New Lens Correction tools
  • Enhanced video editing tools
  • Enhanced 360° video editing

Turn memories into movies that impress with VideoStudio Pro X10. Instant projects and the hands-on timeline make video editing flexible and fun. Endless creative options give all your movies that something special. Intuitive tools and learning resources help you develop your skills, so every movie is better than your last!

Corel releases VideoStudio Pro X9, the latest editions of its easier-to-use and highly creative video-editing software. New features including:

  • Multi-Camera Editing
  • Enhanced Audio and Balancing controls
  • Support for HEVC (H.265)
  • Multi-Point Motion Tracking and more
  • Updates to the UI and optimized performance
  • Support for the new 6th Generation Intel Core i7 Processors

The VideoStudio X9 editing environment is faster and more responsive than ever.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X9

The Corel VideoStudio Pro X9: An Editor’s Trusted Companion

One of the most reputable brands in the video editing and production industry is Corel. This company is synonymous with reliability, professionalism and quality, which is practically why videographers all around the world prefer to use their editing software. With the launch of the VideoStudio Pro X9, video professionals around the world have a reason to celebrate. What are the Pro X9’s new features? What makes it unique? What are its advantages? Find out in this post!

Bang for Your Buck

One of the most obvious and most apparent advantages of the Corel VideoStudio Pro X9 is that it’s cheap with all of its features and capabilities. Unlike most of the software available in the market that goes for at least 100 bucks or more, the Pro X9 comes at a whopping 79.99 dollars and comes with premium options that you won’t get anywhere else.

It Features Multicam Editing

One of the biggest problems that faces editors is that they experience difficulty in simultaneously editing videos from various sources. That problem is resolved and eliminated with the Pro X9’s multicam editing feature.

The revolutionary multicam allows users to load several videos at the same time. This can be from the same event or even from different moments. Unlike before when an editor is required to first extract the clip that they will use, this efficiently provides users the optimal opportunity to seamlessly and efficiently switch between files without any problem at all. One can create a seamless high-quality stream in just mere seconds.

How is this helpful? Take for example a basketball game or an important event in the university or the community center. Typically, due to the size of these events, multiple cameras and video phones are setup so it would capture each conceivable moment during the happening. While the stored recordings of each of these devices can be combined in other types of software, it is often a daunting and tedious task. Splicing needs to be done. Audio syncs need to be implemented. The Pro X9 does away with all those hardships and makes those splicing and synchronization so easy.

Great and Excellent Audio Stability

Another important feature of the Pro X9 is that its volume normalization capabilities. Often, cameras and video recorders, even the high quality ones, fail to capture a seamless and stable sound. The resulting product has audio that has varying volume properties.

The Pro X9 from Corel has the capability to ensure consistent volume levels in your files. When you render a video, you’ll be amazed at how clear and clean the sound is.

At the same time, they also have an audio ducking capability. This feature allows users to lower background noise. Filming an interview or someone make a speech? You can effectively eliminate all distracting noise in a simple easy process.

The Corel VideoStudio Pro X9 is a must have for any video enthusiast and editing aficionado. With this software, you’ll be able to elevate any mere video clip into stunning media straight out of expensive production houses.

New Features of Corel VideoStudio Pro X8:

  • Audio Ducking – Clearer Audio
  • XAVC S
  • Effects and features
  • Freeze frame
  • Convert titles to Alpha channel files
  • NewBlue FX Video Essentials II
  • ScoreFitter
  • Triple Scoop Music

Enhanced Features of Corel VideoStudio Pro X8:

  • Screen Capture
  • 4K hardware acceleration
  • More file formats supported
  • Motion tracking settings
  • Media Library management

New and Enhanced Features of Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 :

  • New 64-Bit Architecture
  • New FastFlick – Creating and Sharing Videos
  • Updated Content Library
  • Smarter and faster 4K
  • One-step online sharing
  • Favorite filters list
  • Batch conversion custom profiles
  • Intuitive profile management and customization
  • Transitions for overlay tracks

Corel VideoStudio Pro X7

Increased performance of 4K, new creative content and touch- friendly immediate movie maker provide an experience of superior editing

Today Corel made an announcement for the accessibility of Video Studio Ultimate X7 and gave thanks for the gain in performance achieved by addition of the architecture of 64-bit., the immediate movie creator of new touch friendly, updating of creative library Fast Flick, X7, upholds the promises of Video Studio for providing easiest and fastest way of establishing videos of professional quality in a broad range, despite of editing proficiency.

Senior Product Manager of Digital Media, Greg Wood said that video Studio has created a status for improvement by bringing the users at all levels of skills cutting the tools of edge as motion tracking, 4k support, HTML5, and a huge range of innovative editing tools in a single affordable package. “but the very first thing is that we had been fighting for program which is fast and easy and focuses over the increasing interest over the video in every phase of life, sports, business, school, personal and is a good means of achieving the target” said Wood. “Video Studio X7 was organized on the basis of research over customer.”

The additions and increase in Video Studio X7 has originated from the deep study. Researchers of Corel have been drawn from a wide range on the basis of users of Video Studio, speed, simple editing tools and learning the performance were the features that the users expected in X7. Following are the features of Video Studio:

  • New Architecture of 64- Bit Brings Increase The Dramatic Performance:

New powerful architecture of 64-bit deletes the limitations of memory, thereby increasing dramatic performance. For an example, indication of bench mark testing is rendering of the 4K projects to 800% and HD projects of multi track 200% faster.

  • New Fast Flick help in Sharing and Creating Video Snap:

Making stylish slideshows and movies is simple using 1-2-3 with immediate movie maker of new Fast Flick. Users may develop application of touch friendly independent of Video Studio for creating the projects quickly of your choice simply by adding media, sharing and selecting template. Users may add videos directly to You Tube, Facebook, Vimeo or Flicker or may save it by making changes in Video Studio.

  • New Possibilities Can Be Explored By Using Updated Content Library:

Video Studio X7 involves frames, templates, backgrounds, and objects along with 2 kinds of media, color patterns, for giving polished and fresh look to the video.

New and Increased Tools Streamline Sharing and Editing Process

Experience of user is the basis of development Video Studio X7, producing efficient features to hear and create projects of video. It involves:

  • Enhanced! Faster and Smarter 4K: the smart options of render work along with files of Ultra HD producing rendering speeds to 200% faster than X6. Users of Intel latest chips expect to look for better performance with gains of 170-500% while working with 4K.
  • New! List of favorite filters: like transitions, filters can also be added to the favorite list of mine, saves users time when adding special effective or corrective filters.
  • New! Intuitive profile customization and management: Custom profiles are the important tools to modernize the flow of work while gaining good results. It is simple to save and create custom profiles using Video Studio X7 by users to match the properties of video for every camera.

Are you having problems with your screen capture? Well, try the Corel VideoStudio Pro x6. But first you will have to start it. There are a number of ways you can use. You can first start the program which is under the tab indicated “capture” or use the screen capture shortcut that is installed on the desktop of your computer after installing the program. If you wish to reset the whole program, you will be required to first clutch the shift key while at the same time you double click on the shortcut in order to set up video studio.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X6

The Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 is one of the most powerful video editing software that is available to you today. You can do a lot of fun things with the latest release of the software. It is simple to use and yet powerful to add creative things in your video. Corel is the company that is maintaining the tradition of bringing video-editing software applications that are easy-to-use yet powerful. VideoStudio Pro X6 is being introduced with cool new features that can do wonders to your video. Motion tracking for moving effects, stop-motion tools, enhanced screen-capture utility, and a subtitle editor with voice detection are a few editions in the latest release of the software.

New Features: Corel VideoStudio Pro X6

Motion Tracking:

This is the feature that is used mostly in highly placed events that show people with on screen identification that follows them as they move. It happens in sporting events when more than one player is talked about and the players are all over the place. Motion tracking allows you to identify them real time on screen, and that is the capability that Corel has introduced in this series of the video editor. You now can create highly professional videos and use the motion tracking feature to enhance the narration in the video. You can do all the tracking in just a simple click in the software.

Variable speed with key frames:

Depending on the video, you can select multiple panels and choose the variable speed option to give different motion to the panels. You can either increase the speed of the specific part of the video or decrease the speed based on your choice. You can do this easily and effortlessly with Corel’s new edition.

Captions with voice detection:

Adding subtitles to your video is very easy with VideoStudio X6. It is programed to identify voice and based on the recognition, the software automatically prompts you to enter subtitles if you need. The new feature in the software is capable of detecting voice in the video and the software dynamically prompts subtitle addition. To make it easier for you, the editor shows wave forms to help you identify voices so you can do the necessary editing in the video.

HTML5 Support:

Corel is the one and only major video software that allows you to integrate with HTML5. VideoStudio X5 has builtin HTML5 web code creation that you can add to your movies. You can create controls for your video and also build chapters for your video programs. You can let the user view the video chapter by chapter and enjoy your creation. You can start projects from scratch using HTML5 extensions

Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 is a very powerful tool with many more features for both professionals and amateurs. Professionals can create seamless videos for any occasion and an amateur can start video editing with highly professional tools at his or her disposal. Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 is a complete video editing software solution that is available with fine capabilities.