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VideoStudio Ultimate 2018 – Video & Movie Editing Software

Everything in Pro, PLUS the Ultimate Effects Collection, more flexibility, and more creativity

  • New workspaces and simplified UI
  • New Split Screen Video and Template Creator
  • New 3D Title Editor
  • New Lens Correction tools
  • New Premium Effects
  • Enhanced 360° video editing

About the old versions of Corel VideoStudio Ultimate :

Enjoy complete creativity with VideoStudio Ultimate X10. Express yourself with 2,000+ customize effects – including the valuable premium effects collection. New effect layering and masking give you even more control. For your best movies, and the best value, the only choice is Ultimate.

VideoStudio Ultimate X9 is the latest editions of its easier-to-use and highly creative video-editing software. New and enhanced features in the new version:

  • Multi-Camera Editing
  • Enhanced Audio and Balancing controls
  • Support for HEVC (H.265)
  • Multi-Point Motion Tracking and more
  • Updates to the UI and optimized performance
  • Support for the new 6th Generation Intel Core i7 Processors

The Corel VideoStudio X9 editing environment is faster and more responsive than ever.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X9

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X9: A Videographer Must Have

Corel’s VideoStudio X series has been lauded over the years by amateurs and professionals. It’s friendly, it has a cool interface and it is typically loaded with features that are not found in many programs available in the market. Corel has once again raised the ante with the Ultimate X9. Find out what makes this new release so friendly in this in-depth review.

The Ultimate X9 Remains as One of The Easiest to Use Video Editing Programs

The Ultimate X9 comes again with one of the easiest to use controls available in the editing software market. Unlike the other products available for purchase in the market, the video software is very friendly to beginners. Even when one doesn’t have a modicum of knowledge about editing and this type of software, they can just play with the device, and they’ll be able to learn it in no time.

The X9 also comes with a tutorial program. One quick run through with it, and the new users would become an expert in Corel VideoStudio quickly

The Ultimate X9 Comes Loaded with Features

What’s particularly amazing about the Corel Ultimate X9 is that for less than a hundred bucks, it just doesn’t provide a powerful and very efficient software, it also comes with over two thousand add-ons. These additional include customizable effects, filters, color palettes, transitions and various title fonts.

These new custom add-ons add a layer of sophistication and character to existing clips and recordings, making them much better looking than what they originally are.

The Ultimate X9 Comes with Motion Tracking Features

One of the best features included in the Ultimate X9 is its enhanced and elevated motion tracking capability. Motion Tracking, the ability of a positioned asset to follow a specific movement within a specific clip or recording, has been around for a couple of years now. But none does it better than the Ultimate X9.

In Corel’s updated software, automatic motion tracking is there to provide valuable assistance to the users. By simply pinpointing a particular area, the program maps out the video and the path. Once done, the user just needs to attach or place the image or asset that will run through the preplanned path, and it’s done. It’s motion tracking without any problem.

Corel’s X9 also comes with multipoint tracking, Instead of selecting a single point in the clip, users have the ability to choose up to four points. This gives four separate paths for the program to track, creating multiple moving assets in the clip.

The Ultimate X9 Has a Superior Voice Improvement Software

One of the most amazing competencies of the X9 is that it allows for users to actually adjust their videos to focus on the voice or on the sound of their subject. Quite often, other sounds and background noise gets in the way of creating a quality clips. The Ultimate X9 can actually eliminate those distractions and raise the voice of the subject. This is perfect for interviews and documentaries.

With its superior features and user-friendly module, it’s hard to go wrong with the Ultimate X9. Update your software today.

New Features in Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X8 (Video-editing software):

  • Balance dialog & background sound automatically with Audio Ducking – Clearer Audio
  • XAVC S (a new standard for video cameras)
  • Freeze frame
  • Convert titles to Alpha channel files
  • NewBlue FX Video Essentials II
  • Smart features make projects easier
  • ScoreFitter
  • Triple Scoop Music

Enhanced Features in Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X8:

  • Motion tracking settings
  • Screen Capture
  • Media Library management
  • 4K hardware acceleration
  • More formats supported

Enhanced – Premium video FX apps in Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X8:

  • proDAD Adorage Starter Pack
  • NewBlue FX Essentials IV
  • NewBlue FX ColorFast
  • NewBlue FX Motion Effects
  • NewBlue Background Generator

New and Enhanced Features of Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X7:

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X7 has all the features of Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 and with these extras:

  • a updated-to-64-bit collection of advanced special effects with plug-ins from proDAD,
  • Boris Graffiti and NewBlue.

If you are looking you the best video-editing software, Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 Ultimate is the way to go. It makes video editing easy and fast, not to mention very interesting. Apart from that, it has a 4K quality of ultra high-definition. Unlike other software, its tracking motion is brand new .what’s more, it gives you an opportunity to share videos with your friends with the built-in production for DVD, the web, Blu-Ray Disc, as well as mobile devices. With this software, you are assured of getting everything in the Pro version. It creates a high definition video thanks to the new Ultra HD (4K) videos. You can also upload to either face-book or other social sites from the software.

Compared to its competitors like Avid and Adobe, Corel does not offer pro-grade versions of its video editing products to sell at a higher price to its customers. This is probably one reason why the VideoStudio Pro X5 Ultimate comes packed with new features that usually come more expensively. This product’s top new features include much easier to use templates, a couple of new video capturing tools, HTML 5 authoring capabilities, the Mercale filter software and the new Boris FX graphics and titling package. Furthermore, this product makes it far simpler and easier to find and use the so-called Instant Projects – a collection of very smooth-looking video editing templates.

VideoStudio Pro X5 Ultimate might very well be the best video editing software for newbies wanting to start on learning video editing and movie making. Another great tool found within this product is the Screen Capture, allowing users to very quickly record video files from your PC screen. This is very useful for making tutorial videos and the like. Another slick tool is the Stop Motion animation capture application that allows you to record video in multiple increments. This comes along with an onion screen function and automatic capture. The HTML 5 package is another big plus. This software can come up with a complete set of HTML files that users can upload and publish on the Internet. Using this software, users can easily create links in videos. Both the Mercale function and Boris FX filter tools are also great additions to the VideoStudio Pro X5 Ultimate. Both products are very well renowned by professional photographers.