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Corel PDF Fusion: Great for Fast-Paced and Multiple Tasks

 If you are looking for an all-in-one PDF creator, then the Corel PDF Fusion would definitely be a great choice. With its various features and tools, you can certainly take your productivity to the next level. Not only will this make the completion of tasks easier, it will also speed up the production process which will then bolster company efficiency.

What it can do

This software is able to perform various tasks. Here are some of them for starters.

For one, it allows you to view more than a hundred different types of files. All you have to do is drag and drop them to the welcome screen once you open the program. So unlike in other software, there is no need to spend for purchasing an additional program to view other file types.

At the same time, this software allows the user not only to create, but also edit PDF files—all in a jiffy. You can even grab pages or text from different files with various file types. Say for instance you need to create a new PDF file but the materials you need are saved in your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

Through the use of the Corel PDF Fusion, you do not have to convert each file one by one. You can simply grab pages from them and combine them in your new PDF file. Again, the process here is just drag and drop. There is no need to retype, cut, or copy and paste.

You can even add bookmarks, comments or some other text as necessary. Then you can share the resulting document to any user in your office. Editing is just as easy.

Lastly, when you want to convert your Word, XPS or PDF formats, you can do so with just a click. There is no tedious process involved. Hence, the Corel PDF Fusion is great for fast-paced operations which require multi-tasking.