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PaintShop Pro 2018 – Photo editing software

  • New Simplified user interface and bigger icons
  • New Workspaces to match your skill level
  • New Faster results and improved tools
  • New Color palettes, brushes and more creative content

Articles about the previous versions of Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro X8

Corel PaintShop Pro X8

Getting the best photos heavily relies on photo editing. Likewise, a serious photographer should be equipped with the best photo editing software. Corel recently released the latest version of PaintShop Pro- the X8.

When new versions are introduced to users, customers will always check the new tools and features of the said product. Corel PaintShop Pro X8, is the standard package for Pro X8, with Pro 8 Ultimate garnering more features. Still, expect new features added to those who want pro-quality photo design and editing for Pro 8 Standard. Let’s explore this software further.

New Features of PaintShop Pro X8

In general, the new features of PaintShop Pro X8 keeps up with the latest advancements in image editing as well as in camera. This is great for customers who demand to have the latest to produce their best photos.

There are quite a few features and many of them are putting an equivalent to its main competitor’s (that is PhotoShop) key image editing tools. First is their text wrapping feature that “ automatically fits text into a selection or vector shape”. This feature is first introduced with the X8 version, hence such good news to users of the older version of PaintShop Pro.

In response to PhotoShop’s Magic Fill, Paintshop Pro with this X8 version introduces Magic Move where you can instantly fill in the background of the object (in the photo) that you have moved and deleted. Like PhotoShop, this feature uses cloning. For deleting items in a photo without cloning, Corel PaintShop Pro X8 has the Smart Carves.

Other new features of this version are the enhanced capabilities when it comes to lens corrections and improved raw file editing. Users can now batch edit their photos with this version. And when it comes to effects and filters, the PaintShop Pro X8 has more than 100 filters called, “ Instant Effects”.

Assessing PaintShop Pro X8

May be a little premature but Corel’s latest image editing software is reaping great reviews and high ratings. With added features that serve as outstanding equivalents to those of PhotoShop, this is a great editing software to purchase.

Corel has been developing an affordable competition to Adobe and it seems that they once again succeed. For $79.99, this one-off price gives value for money and a topnotch editing software available for everyone.

The new editing features are powerful as well as versatile though some users find the text wrapping to slow or a little bit sluggish. The interface of PaintShop is similar to its previous versions and even to its competitors like LightRoom and PhotoShop.

Though it can user-friendly, some users think that its new features many not be totally beginner-friendly. X8 makes up for this with its Learning Center; new users can easily learn how a tool and feature works. There is also no available support for Mac.

As a whole, this is a premium photo editing software without the high cost when getting PhotoShop. Value for money yet still deliver high-quality effects to your images.

Corel PaintShop Pro X7

Faster brushes, updates of modern UI and new tools for editing form Paint Shop Pro X7 choice of design and inexpensive photo for creating dazzling projects and images.

Editing group of Corel’s Photo introduces latest edition of design software and professional quality of editing photo: Corel Paint Shop Pro X7 ultimate and Corel Paint Shop Pro X7. Designers and photographers may achieve their best quickly using new content- improvements in extensive user interface, brushes and Magic Fill, increasing performance to 30%. By providing enthusiasts and photo pros an application of editing image is easy and affordable to use, impressive set of features and power expected by software package of professional caliber is delivered by Corel Paint Shop Pro X7.

We are continuing our promise to provide innovative users and photographers with tools to gain best work. Senior Product Director of Photo Product, Greg Wood at Corel said X7 provides more speed, productivity and creativity to gain wonderful results. “This selection of original possibilities is accessible at $79, anyone who has faced sticker shock from high license pricing or subscription must go for it.”

Redesigned features and new tools are provided by Paint Shop Pro X7 to convey an unmatched experience of editing photo:

  • New! Remove using Magic Fill: New Magic Fill provides with content-aware editing which works along with favorite array tools. Unnecessary elements are removed and replaced by content that matches the area of background even though it is textured.
  • Improved! Performance of brush 30% faster: Enjoy brushes like Airbrush, photo retouching brushes and paint brushes which are more responsive and faster to 30%. And by means of 64- bit power, one can gain results faster.
  • New! Shape Cutter and Text tools: Immediately create an exclusive photo object using shapes and text to cut underlying imagery or photos. Drag or paste the resultant object of photo over any image to make a collage. Paint Shop Pro X7 is not only photo editing of professional quality but also program of powerful design for any project that is visual.
  • New! Material Palette is used for featuring Color Harmonies: Find texture, pattern or color you need immediately. Using Dropper tool create your sample colors and custom palettes to keep record of your favorite combination of colors. New in Color Harmonies and properties of material should be used for producing custom palette for original project of yours. Select settings of preset color harmony to look for suggestions of colors and choose the ones that look good.
  • New! New dialog of image: Start it immediately by just clicking over File then New Image, and then select dimensions and customizations according to project. Make selection from general canvas sizes for web, photos, multimedia, print, graphics and more.
  • New! Smart Edge: Now it is easy to keep strokes of your brush”within lines” while drawing and painting near objects.
  • New! Hold for XMP: Data saved within XMP files are delivered by Paint Shop Pro, thereby making it simple to exchange work and files with other applications of photo management such as Corel After Shot Pro.

Corel PaintShop Pro X5 (now is Corel PaintShop Pro X7) is an innovative program designed for editing images. It has been used by many people just like Adobe Photoshop. However, this program offers better image manipulation. It also has a slick interface and more capabilities. Among the most innovative features of this application include Instagram-like photo effects, mapping and face tagging. It has been described by many users as a program for people who want better usability and deep features. Basically, using this program one gets powerful editing tools and powerful effects. Geo tagging and map tutorials makes it possible for the user of Corel PaintShop Pro X5 to create images with better face recognition.


PaintShop ProX5 Lets People Edit and Design Photos Using Powerful Tools and User Friendly Interface

 Corel recently released the PaintShop Pro X5 with enhanced photo editing and cutting-edge design tools. The new software provides all the dynamic editing and design tools required to create vivid visual arts and state-of-the-art images. With user-friendly, high-quality interface, and integrated knowledge sources, anyone from starting artist to highly-skilled pros can edit, organize and share their creations easily.

The latest version of the Corel PaintShop includes the improvements to the basic features such as the brushes, layers, and HDR tools. It also features innovative engines such as a dynamic filter effect and Retro Lab that provides editing of special image effects. Also added are creative social media interface tools including a program that recognizes face details, and an interface where users could share locations through map-based presentations.

Corel executives are well aware that the client needs serve as the main driving factor behind the updates of the new version of the PainShop. Primarily, the Corel’s clients come from a wide range of individuals from varied artistic and professional background. The company considered the client reviews and customized and developed the new program and updates in this new PaintShop to meet specific client needs.

Aside from the X5, Corel also introduced two new support software tools – the PaintShop X5 Ultimate and the Photo & Video Suite X5.

Basically, the X5 Ultimate integrates all the dynamic photo design and editing interface of the pro X5 but the suite comes with innovative add-ons. Users can expand their artistry using the well-recognized Nik Color Efex Pro that enhances any type of image. The Ultimate suite also includes an array of hundreds of special brushes, gradients, and backgrounds.

On the other hand, the Photo & Video Suite X5 is an affordable, yet intensive software package that produces superior results for multimedia interface for both home and commercial use.

The Canadian-based tech company expressed gratitude to the active involvement and the support of their clients that continues to steer their commitment to deliver variety of features for their products like PaintShop Pro X5 (now is Corel PaintShop Pro X7).