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As a program, Painter bring digital art studio faster and more convenient for illustrators and digital artists. On top of all, true to Corel tradition is the affordable price tag to their products.

Articles about the previous versions of Corel Painter:

Corel Painter 2016

Corel Painter 2016

Corel made some daring product launches this month with PaintShop X8 (standard and Ultimate editions) and Corel Painter 2016. The launchings of these products shows the effort of Corel to provide novel and outstanding services to users.

Painter is Corel’s illustration app and paint program and the Painter 2016 is the latest version. As a program, Painter 2016 bring digital art studio faster and more convenient for illustrators and digital artists. On top of all, true to Corel tradition is the affordable price tag to their products. Previous versions of Painter have gain large following and users due to its efficiency and incredible performance.

Painter 2015 Key Features

Users will look forward to new features whenever a company releases a new version. For Corel Painter 2016, users can expect enhanced interface, speed, and stability along with new features exclusively for Painter 2016.

Painter 2016 has Image Cloning features, wherein users can easily transform photos into a digital art. These photos can easily imported even for PhotoShop users courtesy of a plug-in. The result is an impressive work of art, done in less time.

Natural Media according to Corel uses state-of-the-art technology in recreating how painters make masterpieces. With its advanced tools and program, Painter 2016 let illustrators express themselves in making digital art similar to creating a painting on a physical canvas. One of the technologies are its enhanced brushes and brushstrokes.

Speaking of brushes, enhanced and upgraded brushes are one of the reasons why everyone is talking about Painter 2016. With Audio Expression, brushes react to music played in the background or from a selected music file. With sound, a brush adjusts its angle, color, and size. With this latest version of Painter, brushes are three times faster.

Painter 2016 is also loaded with tutorials and helps. Its Welcome Book is not only redesigned but also comes with new tutorials. Brush Hints and Visual Tooltips carry with them suggestions on what brush to use and the likes.

Assessing Painter 2016

Evaluating all the features and performance of Painter 2016, it is clear that Corel really wanted to give users the most realistic experience when it comes to digital art. Illustrators and artists will feel it from paper rotations, splatters to vibrant hues of Real Watercolors, Impasto, and Liquid.

Corel Painter 2016 is the ticket to provide unparalleled work with digital art that comes in high resolution or DPI. It is affordable at $429, while current Painter users can upgrade to the 2016 version at $229. This is a very small investment for illustrators, designers, and digital artists who want to impress clients and provide their best work.

Painter 2016 is also compatible with both Windows and MAC too. To sum it all, Corel’s paint program and illustration app is the best choices for those looking for exemplary tool without spending too much. Many digital artists have also used painter that even first-time users will feel confident in purchasing this product. Whether you are making illustrations, photo art or any kind of digital art, Corel Painter 2016 is a good choice.

Recently, Corel has just released Corel Painter 2015. The latest version has done some improvement on its features.

New Corel Painter 2015 has get better with introduction of Particle Brushes. To meet the requirements of Artists, performance is enhanced and coming along with the new Painter Mobile App for Android .

Available version for Windows and Mac, with 64-bit Mac and PC support.

New Features of Corel Painter 2015 :

  • Particle Brushes
  • 64-Bit Support for Mac
  • Jitter Smoothing
  • Custom User Interface Palette Arrangements
  • Real – Time Stylus & Windows Tablet PC Support
Enhanced Features of Corel Painter 2015 :
  • Cross-Platform Performance
  • Brush Tracking

Corel Painter 2015

Latest release provides Artists’ Top Requests having Applications of Mobile and Increased Performance

Corel has released today Painter 2015, which is the latest version of software package for its digital art. Painter 2015 is considered as world’s most realistic program of digital paint that creates Mac support of 64- bit, new applications of Mobile Painter for Android and revolutionary Particle Brushes. Other features like Palette Arrangements of Custom User Interface, improved performance of cross- platform, and support of Real Time Stylus are used by artists for enhancing their workflow, thus increasing program to 40%.

Product Manager of Corel Painter, Chris Pierce, said that landscape of digital art would be changed by using latest Revolutionary Paint Brushes. Painter 2015 has made it simple for Artists to produce effects different from others that are not seen before using simple stroke of brush. Artists may overlook technology and focus on original process, with increased performance and improved stability.

New and Increased Features:

Among all Artists around the world, Painter is considered as the most reliable application software of Natural-Media®. Whether its photo, illustration or traditional art it is Painter which provides functionality and tools required by Artists for preparing dramatic artwork. Some new and important features of Painter 2015 are:

  • New Particle Brushes: Involves law of physics to develop distinctive effects that have never been produced by using simple stroke of brush.
  • New Mac Support of 64-Bit: Produces increased performance and options for users of Mac.
  • New Jitter Smoothing: Gives more organic look to brush strokes by producing flow and natural-looking space.
  • Increase Performance of Cross Platform: Enhances speed of PC and Mac, overall performance is 40% more faster in comparison to previous versions and increases speed of brushes to 6 times.
  • New Palette Arrangements of Customer User Interface: Jump- starts artist’s workflow by presenting required tools and palettes based on definite art (photo art, traditional art, etc.)
  • NEW Real – Time Stylus & Windows Table PC Support: Permits artists to prepare on go with the combination of Windows Real Time Stylus and Tablet PC; achieved by Intel’s two in one technology.
  • Increase Tracking of Brush: Using suitable settings for specific velocity and pressure adapts program for definite style of artists.

Corel Painter X3 comes out to replace the Corel Painter 12.

Corel Painter X3 is a complete art studio. It is considered as one of the leading paint programs. Try yourself to see how Corel Painter X3 is !

Corel Painter 12 is one of the best graphic softwares being used by professional graphic designers and artists. Its patented RealBristle Painting system allows users to create very realistic digital paintings as if done with real brushes. This functionality provides control over brush size, stroke and pressure. Smart painting tools allow a user to import photographs and re-create them into realistic oil, acrylic or watercolor paintings seemingly done by professional artists. Corel Painter 12 also comes with Kaleidoscope Painting. This allows users to create amazing kaleidoscopic effects on their projects. Also exclusive to the application is Mirror Painting, which allows a user to paint on one side of the canvas as it is mirrored on to the other side.

Corel Painter 12 gives users the option to pre-set their brushes, color swatches and palettes, workspaces, and other tools to save time and to create a more efficient workspace. The amount of customization that can be done is great for those who would be using this application often. The user interface is very intuitive, so even new users of the software would not have a difficult time navigating through it. The friendly icons and simple interface make it very easy to use.

This Corel software also has support for the PSD format and can be used alongside Adobe Photoshop. It is suited for use by digital illustrators, professional photographers and designers.

With this newest release of Corel’s Painter program, some glitches present in previous versions have been resolved. Zooming has become smooth and quick. Brushes are even more intuitive and wonderful when paired with one’s choice of Wacom tablets.

For help and program support, Help Topics can be found online on the official Corel website along with video tutorials and other useful tips. These are especially useful in maximizing the potential of this newly released version of Corel Painter.