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In 2015, it seems that Corel Painter Lite product has been changed to Corel Painter Essentials 5.

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Corel Painter Lite is a great way to create digital artwork. You can easily choose brushes, adjust stroke sizes , and work with many more artistic properties. Corel Painter has similar features like some of the most popular and advanced software applications of Adobe. The painter Lite software application has some classic and amazing tools like nifty Mirror Painting and Kaleidoscope.

Here are a few features of Corel Painter Lite:

Simple interface:

One of the key components of a good software application is the interface. The user interface must be simple and easy to use. The Navigation process and interface of Painter Lite is very simple and easy to use. You can learn about the software easily. The software is just the right tool for beginners. If you are trying to learn about a digital artwork software, you will be amazed to see the simplicity of the application. The software is meant for beginners; however the tools are powerful enough to give an advanced user the necessary features that are essential.

Traditional artist tools:

The tools are also very friendly for people who are traditional artists. Many features are similar to what a traditional artist uses in his daily life. Many of the tools like brushes, erasers, the color wheel and other features are very similar. An artist would love to use the software as it is simple and similar in nature.

Wacom tablets:

A pen tablet is an important tool in digital painting. You should be thinking seriously about using Wacom tablets if you are serious about digital artwork. The Corel Painter Lite helps you greatly when you use a pen tablet. Painter Lite reacts to the pressure that you apply on strokes of your drawing and the angle that you are holding the pen and that allows you paint naturally. The tablet support gives you greater control on the strokes and gives you a complete control on your painting.

Brush options:

The software application gives you a lot of options for the use of the brush. You have more than 97 brush variants and 16 categories that you can choose from for your painting works. The more categories you have, the better you can use your creativity. With so many categories, and variations, you can put all your creative talent in use and make professional looking pictures.

Supports Layers:

Using the software gives you complete control on the layers. A good control on layers will allow you to trace multiple things in your photographs. You can do a lot of research and put your creative aspect and find different combinations to make the photograph look better. You can easily separate background and foreground objects and make alterations to the painting to get the desired results. You can easily toggle between layers and do a lot of changes to your picture easily and effortlessly.

Corel Painter Lite is the right software for a beginner and a professional alike. The software will make your digital drawing easy and simple and also effective.