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Corel MotionStudio 3D

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The Corel MotionStudio 3D can help you in achieving stunning effects to your movies. The software is packed with unparalleled tools like 3D graphics and advanced particle systems that will give you amazing visual effects while making a movie. The software is just the right tool that you need to make big budget movies with limited budget.

Here are a few features that you will see in the Corel MotionStudio 3D software:

Pro-quality 3D titles and text to your video:

Using the software, you can add a lot of impact by adding animations and other combinations that will make the video exciting. You can use the text features and by using the 3D animation features, you can add quality to your videos. All these things can be achieved with simple steps. With the text animation, you can also add other attributes to the text to make it more attractive and effective. You also can add many visual effects that will enhance the video quality and add a professional look to your work.

Using the preview panel, you can dynamically get the preview for your work and see the way the video is coming up. You can see the previews and make necessary changes at the right time. The interface of the software is highly intuitive and easy to use. You will find tools that you need quickly because of the interface.  Adding more life to your 3D titles, graphics are just within your reach in easy steps. You have 3D animation samples that you can use for your text messages. You can drag the sample objects to your text and see the visual effects being added to your text.

Real-time 3D graphics and effects

Adding life to your 3D work is easily achieved by using Corel MotionStudio 3D. You can get professional-grade motion blur to your animation objects that add realism to your work. You can add many more attributes to the blur effect and make the movie look real and professional. You can dynamically control the object’s motions with the help of the Timeline window. If you have 3D models in different applications, you can easily import them into the MotionStudio software and also edit the files to match your requirement.

Powerful particle systems

If you are artistically inclined and are highly creative, you can add a lot of visual effects to make your video presentations more effective and powerful. You can create videos with high end visual effects by adding various attributes to the video. You can control the total movement of the attributes and manage them easily. Import 3D graphic, images , video formats and use them in your productions easily with the help of Corel MotionStudio 3D. Choose the popular formats for your 3D titles and graphic and also export projects in various formats that are compatible with leading video editors.

Corel MotionStudio 3D is a complete solution for all your video and web productions. You can achieve a great deal of success with the tools that the software offers you. All the tools are highly potent and are capable of helping you achieve great success with your video productions.