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Articles about the previous versions of Corel AfterShot Pro

New and Enhanced Features of Corel AfterShot Pro 2 :

  • 64-bit power
  • Updated RAW camera profiles
  • Workspace enhancements
  • Complete High DynamicRange (HDR) tools (Windows)
  • Easierbatch processing
  • Red Eye Removal
  • Local Contrast
  • Bigger Images, Better TIFF performance
  • Noise reduction by Athentech

Corel AfterShot Pro 2

64-bit After Shot Pro 2 offers advantage of 4x faster performance and 30% faster over the competition; new destructive pricing for Raw photo converter multi- platform over windows, Linux and Mac

After Shot Pro 2 has been introduced by Photo editing group of Corel’s, it is the fastest RAW converter and software of photo management in the industry. After Shot Pro 2 provides the photographers with more productive and responsive manner of work with RAW photos by using 64- bit speed of delivery which is 4X faster in comparison to leading competitor.

After Shot Pro 2 is the best software of multi-platform photo which provides with conversions of powerful RAW, adjustment, editing of photo and features of management. Make use of After Shot Pro on any platform -Windows, Linux and Mac. Edit, adjust and load faster than before thousands of RAW photos. Refine unlimited photos during preservation of original with adjustment of unneeded photo. Complete project and prepare dramatic output using software.

To give response for single question After Shot Pro 2 was designed. What is a necessary thing that can be done for improving workflow of photographer? Product Manager of Corel Photo Editing, Greg Wood said” our answer to this question is lightening speeds of management for RAW photo on Linux, Mac and Windows.” “, After Shot Pro 2 is faster and half the price of Adobe Light room, offers improved features of editing photo with new profiles of camera needed by photographers to perform their best.”

New After Shot Pro 2 severely increases workflow of photo:

  • New! Power of 64-bit: Now 30% much faster! Provides more power for processing, deletes limitations of memory using architecture of new 64-bit. Enjoy increased stability and wide responsive application. After Shot Pro 2, 4x faster as compared to competitor, saves time and produces results quickly.
  • New! Updated profiles of RAW camera: After Shot Pro 2 has added 26 latest profiles which supports more than 250 profiles of camera including RAW formats of all manufacturers of camera. New profiles of camera are updated all throughout year.
  • New! Increase workspace: Enjoy increased workflow with streamlined interface. Increased zoom produces better preview of minor images with new button of resetting images allow you to undo all changes made for viewing original photo by one click.
  • New! HDR tools mean full High Dynamic Range: HDR tools are available in Window versions and will avail in Mac and Linux that would assist in creating dramatic photo with great visual contrast. Add White Balance, Fill Clarity/Light, High Pass Sharpening, Smart Photo Fix, Local Tone Mapping, Digital Noise Removal and Contrast/Brightness.
  • New! Local Contrast: Reform look of high-end camera lens also creates objects inside an image. ‘Pop’ it by bringing the dimensions and textures in photos.
  • New! Better performance of TIFF, Bigger Images: Performance of 64-bit supports bigger images involving TIFF files bigger than 30 MB and files of 30 Megapixels.
  • New! Reduction of noise by Athentech: your images can be optimized using new Athentech. This technology of winning awards itself adjusts lightening for each pixel in less time by maintaining zero clipping and true color.

Corel AfterShot Pro for Editing Pics like a Pro

You’re really into taking pictures. So much so you’ve invested on a first-rate camera like a DSLR. But hey, quality pictures don’t just stop once the shutter button has been clicked. The photographer is still to sort out the pictures and play around with his best friend—a photo editing software of his choice.

Apple’s Aperture or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom could be the one’s you’re presently using for photo editing, but the downside of these is they tend to be slow when used on older versions of a desktop or notebook computer.  Yes, it’s fairly easy to find smaller editors that are fast, but most often than not, they would lack the essential features for professional photo editing.

Then again, Corel AfterShot Pro might just be the software that you need. It’s easily one of the best alternatives to Aperture or Lightroom.

All three boast of photo editing that’s non-destructive. Meaning to say, as you go along and edit your photos, the original image remains intact. With Photoshop, you can always go back to history and trace back your steps at any given time. The features are different between the three though, although it’s safe to say that the tools for photo manipulation are analogous.

Corel AfterShot Pro may not be your preferred choice of photo editor just yet, but as mentioned previously, it has the exact same features Lightroom and Aperture has, with identical quality and quantity as well. And what’s even more special about this software is that, unlike earlier versions, it can run on different operating systems, including: Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh.

Some of the other features of this newest release from Corel include:  a faster user interface, flexible file management, camera support, conversion of RAW files to JPG or TIFF and a lot more powerful editing tools.