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Copernic Tracker Review

Have you ever wondered when a favorite website was updated? Maybe you read a web comic, a blog, or a sports/news page frequently but don’t want to be bothered with email updates. Here’s where Copernic Tracker comes in.

What is Copernic Tracker?

Copernic Tracker is a program that allows users to track changes on a website. You can provide URLs of web pages and the program alerts you when at least 5 words are changed. You can set this word count and alert preferences. It tracks words, links and images. The software sends you desktop alerts as well as email alerts. The good thing about this tracker is that it highlights changes made to web pages so that you can easily track the changed content.

The user interface is one of the most elegant we have seen – very modern and elegant.

It’s a very friendly program, but also quite powerful. It has very flexible scheduling and a very cool set of options for notifying you when pages change (very cool little fade-in window).

Copernic has a page login feature, an ability to POST data, and a custom user agent (though no custom referrer). These are very welcome features though they cannot compare to the equivalent features in Website Watcher.

There is one place where Copernic Tracker really blows away the other programs—an incredibly wonderful feature where you can easily switch between views of older versions of a page. Check&get has the ability to save older copies but no other tool that we have seen does this as well as Copernic Tracker.

When it comes to notifications, you can opt for default alerts or set Copernic Tracker to display system tray notifications, on-screen messages or both. It is also possible to prevent it from displaying any alerts. Furthermore, the program is capable of sending email notifications to a user-defined address or SMS alerts to a phone number. A few automatic actions can be enabled as well. When new contents are available, the program will save images, alert you if an error occurs and more. You can also decide to keep a maximum number of revisions, clean them up or keep all revisions.

The software can notify you when changes are made on a website. Alerts can be customized to show up when specific conditions are met. Besides regular alerts, the program can also send email and SMS notifications.

The software is not available for 64-bit operating systems.

Thanks to Copernic Tracker’s flexible functionality, you will never have to look for new contents on websites or wait for answers in forums. The one thing sadly missing from Copernic Tracker is the ability to specify avoid and watch string patterns, which we have found is critical to avoiding spurious changes in pages due to advertisements (ie, it alerts you when an ad changes). While you can set tracking for certain words, beginners find this option confusing. Today, most websites offer RSS feeds for free. So, you might have to think twice before spending money for this program.