Copernic Summarizer

Copernic Summarizer

Research can be a very time consuming process. It can take several hours to review and read the numerous articles and information available on the Web. Many of the articles found on any given subject contain duplicate information or information unrelated to the topic you are looking to understand. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a program to help you make sense of all the information that is available? Well, Copernic Summarizer proposes to do just that.

What is Copernic Summarizer ?

Copernic Summarizer is a software program that claims to be able to create a concise summary of any text file or web page. These condensed versions or summaries allow for readers to understand the key concepts of selected articles to grasp the basics of each article or document or even to just decide which documents deserve further study. This process purports to help save users time and increase their knowledge on any subject. The program will analyze word documents, Web Pages, PDF files and email messages to create a summary of the important key information.

Special Features

In addition to English, Copernic Summarizer can create summaries in French, German and Spanish. The software can summarize entire documents or only select parts of a document. Custom reports can be generated that only relate to the key concepts that you are looking for and weed out other concepts. Reports can be sent to multiple recipients, in various file formats or printed for easy access.

How it Works

Once the software is downloaded and installed onto your computer, you can just click on the Summarize button to obtain your summaries. You can also install the program into select application such as Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat, Outlook Express and Microsoft Word so that you can have the software integrated into these applications for easy use. The program utilizes statistical and linguistic algorithms to target key concepts and recognize the most relevant sentences to generate a concise summary of the document under analyses.

You can determine the size of your summary. It can be a short, concise summary or a longer and more in-depth summary. Once these condensed versions are generated, you can print, save or email them to allow for you to store the information for later review or to share with others.


Copernic Summarizer only works on Windows-based computers with Internet Explorer Browsers. There is one license required per computer. You would need to obtain an additional license if you wanted to use the program both on your home computer and work computer.

A Free Trial

For 30 days, you can try Copernic Summarizer for free. The free version allows you to experience a full version of Copernic Summarizer to check out all of its features to see if the program will work for your needs. After the 30 days are up, you can purchase the program for $29.95.

Copernic Summarizer is useful for those who need to read and process a ton of Web content or documents in a short period of time. This program can help you save time and determine which websites or documents are worth a more thorough review.