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Copernic Desktop Search 5

Copernic Desktop Search 5

Product Intro

Be stress-free and find documents, files and emails quicker with the Copernic Desktop Search 5! Join 4 million other users using this advanced search tool designed to catalog your files and scan your PC’s hard drives. Become more productive and keep your data private at the same time with the world’s #1 desktop search tool made for Windows.

The Copernic Desktop Search 5 is also equipped with Boolean and Proximity searching. What’s more, it has an easy-to-use interface but comes with a low memory footprint.

Key Features

  • With the Copernic Desktop Search 5, you can organize your files quicker. This advanced search tool provides you with a solution to look for needed files in your PC without you wasting your time searching every single folder and email.
  • This advanced search tool is very to use. You can install it without technical support. as step-by-step instructions are provided. You’ll be ready to scan and index your files fast.
  • The Copernic Desktop Search 5 is designed to enhance your search experience without causing your PC to slow down as it has the lowest memory footprint and reduced computer resource usage.
  • This search tool will only scan your drives in search for your files. Copernic will not collect any data when your use the software and will keep your personal data confidential.
  • Copernic Desktop Search 5 comes with an easy-to-use interface. You’ll be a pro in searching with this tool.
  • Worry no more about misplacing files and documents. This search tool will help you find files you have placed unintentionally in other folders in no time.

Additional Features

  • Compared to the built-in search option in your Windows, Copernic Desktop Search will provide you with a complete and comprehensive control in looking for files through an intuitive interface.
  • This advanced search tool also presents search parameters in a much more pleasing way as compared to Windows 7 and 8.
  • Extend your search to your emails as Copernic Desktop Search 5 can look for files in most email services such as Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird and Eudora.
  • Find emails, contacts, tasks, notes and even appointments in Outlook.
  • Search for emails, attachments and contacts from your Lotus Notes using the Copernic Desktop Search.
  • Get satisfied with this search tool’s filtering. Various file types such as movies and music can be also viewed in the interface, too.

Other Features

  • Get a trial version and try Copernic Desktop Search 5’s powerful indexing capability before you purchase the full version.
  • Need help with your Copernic search tool? Contact Copernic’s technical support and a team of keen individuals are available to reply to your queries.
  • This search tool is very popular among Windows users because of its performance and easy interface.
  • With Copernic Desktop Search, results are tabbed for easy viewing.
  • The software only needs about 22 MB of disk space.

Product Summary

Copernic Desktop Search 5 is a decent search tool for home use. It will help any Windows user search for various files such as documents, music and movies. It can be even used to extend the search on selected email services such as Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora and Lotus Notes. With this advanced search tool, you can even look for attachments, contacts, tasks, and appointments!