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The most efficient Mind Mapping Software: ConceptDraw MINDMAP

With so much advancement in technology, every day we hear of a new device, software or an application. One such software product is the ConceptDraw MINDMAP. It is a very good tool which allows its user to interpret their ideas and gather them at one place. It helps in efficient utilisation of time. It usually uses multi-coloured graphics so that the user can be as imaginative and creative as possible.

There are many companies in the market which are selling similar products such as MindManager 8, Xmind and ThinksDigit2.0. The interface of ConceptDraw MINDMAP is very exciting as it allows very striking brainstorming. It is an ideal product for people who have time limitations. If you have ideas coming into your mind, you can arrange them in the free floating area. After that, those thoughts can be placed in. You can also include subtopics and the system will add a timer limit to it. It is just right for people who have do to lot of brainstorming, note making, planning of projects and management of meetings. Another excellent feature of this program is that it allows the users design presentations from mind maps. With only one click, you can send all the information to MS Word and MS Power Point Presentation. You can even correspond tasks, write articles and status by choosing the right template.

Another feature in ConceptDraw MINDMAP is that of copy and paste. From there you can also handle a spreadsheet from MS Excel. With the help of this feature, data can be easily transferred from one application to another. It also makes sure that data’s structure is maintained, no matter what the application is. For making the presentation, ConceptDraw has a set of tools. By pressing one button, a slideshow can be created. In fact, from one map, dissimilar presentations can be created. With the help of the View Navigator Tool, you can choose the elements you want to present, create a series of slides and take a peep at the presentation. It helps you to keep updated with the latest presentation trends without wasting any time. If you save your presentation settings, you can further save your time by planning it in advance and then inserting the data.

With the help of the Input feature, data can be presented in many formats. The data can be entered as a task list, Gantt chart, resource list and also as input brainstorming. Another interesting feature of this software is Full Screen Edit mode. With its help, one can view the whole map, conceal the application interface and carry on with the editing. It keeps the presentation up to the mark; one can easily concentrate on the presentation and feedback can be put right away. In addition, it brings data from external sources so that you have the latest information with you in hand. The name of this feature is Intelligent Topics; it is better to use it for topics that are of repetitive nature like financial and status reports.

It is always recommended, to do a proper market analysis and buy something which suits your business requirements.