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Comodo is a brand that is creating Trust in the Online world. You cannot fully explore the potential of the internet when you know it’s not a safe place. You can fully explore the potential of the internet when you know that you are safe and secure and you also you have a trusted partner in protecting you from online vulnerabilities. Once you know that the internet is safe and secure and you can trust the place, you can conduct interactions and businesses online. To give you a safe and a secure online environment, Comodo’s team is building applications that can give you the sense of security in the online world.

Here are some products that Comodo has for you:

Comodo Internet Security Pro

Comodo Internet Security Pro is a software program that guarantees protection against viruses and malware. The tool works in a prevention mode and gives you a complete security to your online experience. The software is built to not only detect a threat, but also prevent threats from intruding into your private space. The system used in the Comodo Internet Security Pro creates a formidable ad impenetrable shield that is capable of identifying safe, unsafe and questionable files that enter your computer. Comodo Internet Security Pro gives you real-time protection against all kinds of threats like Viruses, Trojans, Adware, Spyware and other Malware threats. The best of Internet Security pro is its technology that protects from unknown threats too. Even if you and outdated application, you still will have the ultimate protection.

Comodo Internet Security Complete

Comodo Internet Security Complete also gives you a very high level of protection. The security system is capable of identifying files that are good for you. It successfully blocks the files that are harmful and contagious in nature. The Comodo Internet Security Complete builds a strong wall against all kinds of intrusions. All kinds of threats are handled very efficiently by the software. Every kind of Virus, Malware, Trojan, Adware and other threats are detected in the early stage and kept away from your system. This gives you a complete protection from all kinds of threats that are found online.

Here are some common and advanced features you will find in both the versions:


Both the versions have a firewall that is ranked among the best in the industry. It means, your security is guaranteed with both the applications.

Defense+ Technology

The Defense + technology is being implemented in both the versions to give you complete protection from all known and unknown threats. The system implemented works proactively to protect and isolate threats from dangerous files. This technology ensures the threat is handled in advance and you are safe. The inbuilt cloud based whitelisting has the signatures of trusted publisher and this allows only good files to enter your system.

Auto Sandbox Technolog

If there is a file system that is unknown, the file is run only in secure virtual environments. This step ensuresĀ  safety of your operating system. The unknown file will not be able to damage any system files or other important data when you have these security systems in place.