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CleanMyMac: The Smoothest, Cleanest a Mac Can Get

Apple’s Macintosh computers – now widely called Macs – have gained popularity in recent years largely for one major factor: sleekness. Modern Macs are known for their clean and streamlined design, not only for the hardware but also for their software. Smooth interfaces and swift responses are just two of the characteristics Apple users love. To maintain this software sleekness, a good cleanup app like CleanMyMac is essential.

Even the smoothest and fastest Apple computer can get bogged down by too much memory usage and chaotic files. That’s why a cleanup is required every now and then. Mac users can choose between CleanMyMac Classic and CleanMyMac 2 to better suit their cleanup needs.

The Classic version has the basics covered: it cleans out identified useless files, outdated logs and caches, and trashes. It also has features suited specially for Macs, such as app cleanup, which not only helps uninstall apps but wipes out their leftovers, and extension manager, which helps the user review plugins and widgets.

The newer version has most of these basic features, plus more. It has a filter that finds large unused files and recommends them for deletion. Another nifty addition that’s specific for Macs is the iPhoto cleanup. This is very helpful since Apple’s iPhoto actually hides old versions of images every time a user modifies them. This can use up storage without the knowledge of the user, and an iPhoto cleanup helps avoid that.

Both CleanMyMac versions are made by MacPaw, a company known for its highly rated and multi-awarded Mac apps and accessories. This name guarantees the quality and legitimacy of CleanMyMac, as opposed to other cleanup programs.

All these said, this app is one of the musts for Mac users. A few runs with CleanMyMac and one can experience the difference that a well-cleaned Mac can provide: the smoothest, fastest performance ever.