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Classic Doxplore – Professional Doxplore; amazing tool for locating documents and other information with ease

Classic Doxplore has been conceptualized to help you locate your documents or find information without having to spend hours in frustration trying to search for something like a needle in a haystack, and Professional Doxplore is an improved version of Classic and offers additional benefits to improve your productivity and to hasten your business process.

Let us talk in brief about Classic Doxplore

This is truly a great tool that is designed to make it easier for you to locate your documents, and Outlook emails and allows you to classify, store and manage your scanned images making it easy to search for them.

Though online document management and sharing is great, individual desktops haven’t been much thought of and employees spend major chunk of their time searching for documents and scanned images on their PCs and this leads to a decline in efficiency; this is where Classic Doxplore steps in as an amazing tool that has come as a perfect answer to save time and reduce the hassle of locating information when needed.

Now lets see what Professional Doxplore has to offer

Professional Doxplore has all that Classic Doxplore offers and much more; it can be said to be an indispensable productivity tool that is capable of managing all of your digital information which is in the form of documents, emails and images and it offers additional professional apps that can help further your productivity. The Professional Doxplore in fact serves you as a virtual assistant and improves efficiency by making use of multiple apps.

In brief about how Professional Doxplore is going to accelerate your productivity

  • Professional Doxplore helps you to organize all of your documents, MS Outlook emails and all your images in one single location and minimizes the need to search for them, this ensures increased productivity and a much more streamlined functioning.
  • It helps you work with multiple document formats in a seamless manner.
  • Organizing all your stuff in one single location makes it much simpler to manage job workflows.
  • With Professional Doxplore being simple to use it takes minimal training to enjoy the benefits offered.
  • It offers you one click preview of searched documents

All of us remember the hassles we had to go through for remembering various online identities; registrations, emails, etc., each identity again with its own passwords and security questions, well now Professional Doxplore comes with an apt digital identity management application!

What else can you do with Professional Doxplore?

  • You can link documents to reminders
  • You can set up monthly reminders on a fixed day
  • Periodic reminders for every set number of days
  • You can set reminders for any specific weekdays
  • Search can be made targeted on a specific email sender, subject or even content
  • You can multi-classify emails with Doxplore and can create your own unique classifications, apply them to emails and then search relating to the combination of your classification plus email content.
  • You can smartly manage your emails by eliminating spam email by blocking the senders and can also delete the emails received from a particular email address.
  • The NoteScrapper is a great feature that lets you copy things from a document and save for use later on; it could be a phone number, email address or any thing else this tool helps you remember it when the need arises.

Classic Doxplore or Professional Doxplore, it is the best tool to make it much quicker for you to locate information or documents when you most need them.