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It was not possible to imagine connecting two PC’s few years ago, and then, networks came into existence and gave seamless connectivity to any number of computers. As time went on, there were new capabilities that took over the connectivity methods. Sophisticated tools and techniques were developed to connect two computers and make interaction faster and easier. GoTOMyPC is one such software capability that allows you to get fast, easy and secure remote access to any of the computers and from any device. The application has changed the way meetings are conducted. You can now get connected to any conferences and meetings on the go. You just need any device that has internet capability and you can be a part of the meeting from any part of the world.

GoTOMyPC comes with wonderful features that make personal and professional interaction more lively. Here are a few quality features of GoTOMyPC that will make it a choicest software for remote access jobs:

Remote Access

The technology has developed to such an extent that you can work with any PC or MAC from anywhere. You can remotely do almost anything to someone’s computer. You can remotely fix issues, identify problems, conduct trainings and do almost anything without being physically present in a place.

Easy Installation

You might be worried about installing the software and the challenges you might face while installation. However, GoToMyPC is very easy to install, all you need to do is download the application and the installation is done automatically. You need not restart the computer to start using the application.

Maximum Security

It is natural to be worried about security issues when you get connected to someone’s computer. However, both the connections are highly secured with dual passwords. You must also authenticate the process of access, and only then the remote access is possible. It is a very secure connection and has multiple layers of security installed for user safety.

Mobile Access

The best part of any technological advancement is the flexibility it offers and the way it makes your life easier. Using GoTOMyPC, you can work on the go. You can connect to any computers with your iPad, iPhone and Android devices. All you need is the devices to be connected to the internet and you are ready to connect to the world.

Optimal Performance

GoTOMyPC is a high performance oriented software. It connects in seconds and you can enjoy great connectivity with the application.

Copy and Paste

If you use GoTOMyPC, you need not worry about sending mails and attaching files to your mails. If you work on any PC, you can copy files easily to other systems. You can easily transfer data from one computer to another without the need for mailing or using external drives. The connection is safe and secure; therefore, file transfer can be made in a controlled environment.

Remote Printing

You can now remotely control the printing jobs. Once you connect to any computer, you can send print commands from anywhere and you have your prints ready.


GoTOMyPC is a perfect solution with easy and secure remote access capabilities.