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Chief Architect Home Designer Architectural, a truly wonderful program for your home project

Chief Architect Home Designer Architectural is an amazing program that enables you to embark on a new or remodeling home project offering more advanced yet relatively easy to use tools to assist you to conclude any type of design project, be it home designing, remodeling, interiors, kitchen and bath designing, decks, patios or landscaping and also cost estimation.

Home Designer Architectural comes with all the features of Home Designer Interiors, Home Designer Suite, Home Designer Landscape & Deck and lots more and is an all-in-one home design tool for any type of home project.

What you can do with Chief Architect Home Designer Architectural

This program offers tremendous possibilities for design inspiration with its 2,500 plus viewable sample plans.

With the 3 D camera tools such as Doll House, Watercolor, Elevations, Glass House, Technical Illustration, you will be able to visualize your project much before you build.

Apart from creating accurate floor plans, you can create all exterior dimensions too using the one-click automatic dimensions offered with this program.

You are at liberty to either choose from the built-in style templates or can create your own unique custom design.

Some truly powerful building tools offered under the program include dormers, stairs, foundations, dimensions, terrain and automatic roof generation.

Before you begin your construction work you will be able to work out how much the project is going to cost by taking help from the Detailed Materials List.

Remodeling with Chief Architect Home Designer Architectural

If you are planning on remodeling, you will be able to work out how your end product is going to look and how much it is going to cost you.

You can do a lot of remodeling such as add and remove walls, change the placing of doors and windows, re-size your rooms with required dimensions, create new rooms, etc.

You can either point-and-click for removing walls or use the 3 D Cross-Section Elevation Slider to create a quick 3 D slice of the view.

You have the option to adjust wall lengths by selecting your dimensions.

This amazing program automatically updates the foundation plan along with the progress of the design and keeps it aligned with the first floor

Virtual Walkthrough is a feature that allows you to draw your record line to generate a virtual tour of your design automatically.

Designing kitchens and baths

Planning and designing kitchens is a lot more interesting and these days designing baths too is equally exciting! Dream kitchens, glamorous bathrooms, all at your finger tips; you can create any number of cabinet combinations and visualize them with the 3 D models and the virtual tours.

They are no more called bathrooms, yes; they are the glamour rooms and are fast becoming the pride of the homeowners! What with the enchanting range of showers, tubs, sinks and cabinets, and fixtures, you can create magical baths now.

The other areas that you can design with Chief Architect Home Designer Architectural are the interiors, decks, and patios and then there is the landscaping with umpteen mind-blowing options; you can now design for your lifestyle and for your personality by creating things that suit you.