CheckMark Payroll, a software program conceptualized for small businesses mainly

About CheckMark Payroll

CheckMark payroll 2014, software for Macintosh and Windows has been conceptualized for the small business payrolls, accountants, and professional payroll services and offers a most comprehensive solution for do-it yourself payrolls. This software program promises more value for lesser money and comes with great features such as direct deposit, MICR encoding blank check stock, and others and is capable of handling any number of companies and unlimited employees.

You can run this software program as a stand-alone program or post to other popular accounting systems and also to CheckMark’s MultiLedger and Quickbooks.

CheckMark is capable of offering customized Payroll services to the whole Nation.

You should download this software program, which is offered as a free trial, and you can check out the great advantages that come with it. You can run payroll, print the payroll checks and calculate and pay employer taxes in no time at all, well this sounds pretty interesting, right?

This program includes the current Federal and State tax withholding tables and also printable IRS forms and for all the services you need to pay absolutely NIL monthly fees! By running an in-house CheckMark payroll you will be able to not only keep your employee and payroll records safe and secure but will also save a lot of your money.

Some of the important features of CheckMark payroll

  • This professional payroll software is full of amazing features. As mentioned above it is very easy to use it especially useful for small businesses and saves you time and money and above everything it guarantees absolute satisfaction to you.
  • This allows the users to define all incomes and deductions for almost all of the needs.
  • It is capable of handling tax sheltered deductions such as 401(k).
  • This software program comes to you loaded with the Federal and State withholding tables.

Processing CheckMark Payroll

Without having to incur additional cost you can run limitless employees and limitless companies with this.

Employee hours can be entered in a spreadsheet-style window.

It can import from the spreadsheet or the time clock the number of hours put in by the employee.

Do you know that with this payroll program you can print MICR encoded checks on blank check paper?

It can accrue sick and vacation time taken.

Another great feature is it emails PDF pay stubs for paperless paychecks.

And there are a whole lot of several other wonder features that makes CheckMark Payroll a most sought after one by the small business houses.

CheckMark payroll reporting

  • You can either opt for exporting reports as a spreadsheet or go for plain text files.
  • You will be able to distribute employee hours or the wages as per the department or MultiLedger job.
  • This payroll can integrate data with MultiLedger or QuickBooks or several other accounting programs.
  • It can print the completed forms such as 941, 940, 944, 943 and W-3 on blank paper.

On the whole CheckMark Payroll is a stunning software program that does so much for you in so little time and much lesser investment!