CheckMark MultiLedger, a fully integrated and fully cross-platform program for all your accounting needs

CheckMark MultiLedger, introduction     

MultiLedger that has been on the Macintosh for 14 years is now available for Windows; CheckMark MultiLedger for Windows has been developed as a fully integrated and a fully cross-platform accounting program, which combines General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Payable and includes Inventory too.

Product features

MultiLedger comes with built-in full Import/Export and includes transactions. This one helps you to maintain transaction history for a complete year. With this you will be able to add any number of comments to transactions and you can also modify and adjust any of the transactions belonging to any of the months but in the current year only.

When you are entering the transaction details you will be able to view the history or past records of the customer. You will also have the benefit of setting up credit limits for the vendors if you so wish.

The other advantages offered by CheckMark MultiLedger are graphing or exporting of bank reconciliation and account balances in SYLK file format.

This comes with a total set of financial reports such as Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, General Ledger listing, Transaction Journals, Chart of Accounts, and others. Also possible are previous years comparisons, budgets vs actual, etc.

This makes it possible for several other useful reports such as accounts payable and receivable, payments made in the current year and the sales in current year, reports by sales persons, inventory and service reports, and a lot more than these.

You can even customize the CheckMark MultiLedger for statement formats and a variety of check, invoice, etc.

You can import payroll checks and employer tax liabilities created with this payroll program into MultiLedger.

It offers unbeatable security features for you; you can lock months for preventing changes in transactions, can assign passwords by user and also by menu command, and this is truly awesome an automatic backup reminder protect your business!

You can start utilizing the MultiLedger even from the middle of an accounting year; just select a chart of accounts from the samples and modify to suit your requirements.

Comes with a built-in multi-user capacity and allows up to 10 users to access the files on a shared volume.

And with Fast transaction entry you can enter transactions with absolute accuracy and with speed using the pop-up lists and also convert a quote to an invoice and a purchase order to a payable; just click a button and you are done. You can also record your customers’ payments, add to your bank deposit and can update the clients’ history in just one transaction entry, now print a deposit slip for the bank and you are done!

Small businesses can perform all necessary tasks such as bookkeeping, invoicing, job cost, payables, tracking inventory, monitor cash flow, get minute-to-minute reports and lots more in one compact package.

System requirements for CheckMark MultiLedger

For Mac:

50 MB available disk space

512 MB RAM

Mac OS X 10.5 or higher including Mavericks

A compatible printer

Current version of Adobe Reader

For Windows

50 MB available disk space

512 MB RAM

Windows XP service pack 3 or higher including Windows 8

A compatible printer

Current version of Adobe Reader

You must download the CheckMark MultiLedger’s free demo to see for yourself how this one can be the best accounting solution for you!