Celemony Melodyne Editor; ask for a demonstration and see for yourself!

Celemony Melodyne Editor simply floors you with its features and you can check for yourself by opting for a demonstration. This amazing software is capable of performing some of the things thought most impossible before in the world of music.

This day with digitalization spreading its tentacles far and wide, the field of music too has embraced it and today we witness some of the amazing breakthroughs in this industry in the area of audio pitch modification and Celemony Melodyne Editor is one of the best things that could happen.

Let’s take a quick peek into what Celemony Software is all about

Celemony Software GmbH is actually a German musical software company specializing in digital audio pitch correction. Melodyne, an industry standard audio pitch modification tool, is produced by this company and is similar to Auto-Tune. Founded in October 2000, Celemony is based in Munich, Germany and in 2009 has won MIPA award for being the most innovative product.

Now Celemony Melodyne is being used by great number of professional record producers world over for tuning and manipulating their audio signals and also used in classical music for pitch analysis of speech.

In February 2012 Celemony has been honored with the most prestigious Special Merit/Technical Grammy Award at the 54th Grammy Awards function recognized for its outstanding contribution towards technical significance to the field of recording, this indeed is a feather in its cap! What a proud moment it has been!

Some of the various ways you can use Celemony Melodyne Editor

Endless are the ways you can use this wonderful software and a few of the important ones are listed below for your ready reference.

  1. Pitch correction on vocals is the basic function offered by this software and is the most intuitive one of all.
  2. Creating super cool new melodies is so simple with Celemony Melodyne Editor. You are enabled to move the notes around for bringing out new melodies and this can be made to sound most natural if you have a good source.
  3. Correction of timing mistakes is another great feature offered by this software; you will be able to fix timing on monophonic material and yes, on polyphonic material too. Great isn’t it? DNA helps you achieve this by enabling you to reach into the music and move the wrong notes if any found into their correct place.
  4. Analyzing songs is a breeze with Celemony Melodyne Editor; you can you’re your most favorite songs and get to see their musical construction using the polyphonic analyzer. You now have a visual representation of the music you get to work with and it is like having the most perfect pitch.
  5. You have unlimited possibilities for experimental sampling with Celemony Melodyne Editor, a most awesome software in the field of music; you can reach into any of the recording material and will be able to play only some tones manipulated to soothe your soul like never before.