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Celemony Melodyne Assistant, the most affordable plug in brought out by Celemony

Celemony Melodyne Assistant is justly considered the most affordable plug in that has been brought out by Celemony and though it does not come with the features offered by the main program it still helps you get into the right direction. And later on if you wish to you can upgrade to the full Melodyne Studio or Melodyne Editor.

About Celemony Melodyne Assistant

This offers an excellent cost-effective entry into the most powerful arena of pitch and time correction, which allows you to correct and manipulate the pitch and timing of monophonic tracks such as vocals or bass guitar; it is also applicable to rhythmic tracks like the individual drums or complete kits. The task of editing audio with the help of Melodyne Assistant is super easy to learn and due to its low cost and ease of upgrading to Editor, Celemony Melodyne Assistant is considered as a wonderful first pitch editing program.

It is not an exaggeration to say that without software such as this it can become quite difficult to know how on key your vocals are. Though there are some who do not prefer using pitch correction software since they feel it is not a natural thing to do, most of the major studios use it to tune vocals.

About suitability and performance of Celemony Melodyne Assistant

This program enables you to have great quality while correcting the pitch without giving computerized sounding vocals; but to attain this quality you have to be within good proximity of the actual pitch.

Studios who record vocals on a frequent basis require software for correcting pitch problems effectively since not all can have the perfect pitch while singing. Though all of the advance features that come with Melodyne Studio are absent, still Melodyne Assistant offers enough when compared to the price that it comes for.

A quick look at Celemony Melodyne Assistant audio pitch and time correction software

Its user interface is refreshingly intuitive and offers simple hands-on note tweaking

Total freedom of note adjustment is possible owing to its great editing flexibility

One need not struggle to figure out the basic operations of this program; this product offers delightfully simple ease of use with its simple layout and intuitive structure which help you figure out the important functions in no time at all. The balance of power and the simplicity of the program are sure to be appreciated by the users.

In the music world Celemony Melody Assistant is acknowledged as an amazingly strong pitch and timing correction tool where time compression or expansion, correction and modulation of pitch can all be controlled by you. Audio editing with Melodyne Assistant is as flexible as editing MIDI since the notes are represented by wave forms that are truly miniature and the layout, which is based on a piano roll. Above all, it enables you to retain the necessary nuances of the original performance if you apply only mild corrections.

Celemony Melodyne Assistant audio pitch and time correction software is compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems.