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Cardiris Pro 5 for Windows (Business Card Recognition Software)

Cardiris Pro 5 with the most awesome features manufactured by I.R.I.S.

Here is a quick look at the manufacturers of Cardiris Pro 5; their mission, their products and professional solutions that are offered worldwide through a strong partnership.


I.R.I.S., the one behind the amazing product Cardiris Pro 5, has embarked on a mission to increase the productivity and knowledge of their customers by helping them to manage their documents, data and other information in a better and a more organized manner. They offer simple and easy to use solutions for their customers who are happy with their products.

I.R.I.S. Products & Technologies is instrumental in developing the necessary technical expertise and products for Intelligent Document Recognition and markets its portfolio worldwide through partnerships that are strong.

I.R.I.S. Professional Solutions is engaged in bringing to companies and administrators to find innovative expertise along with hi-tech solutions in one company that enables them to manage their electronic documents, IT infrastructure and information flows with more efficiency and accuracy.

About Cardiris Pro 5

Cardiris Pro 5 comes with wonderful features; it can automatically retype the contact information on your business cards without entrusting the job to you. Now you can sync your contacts with the highly popular contact managers, like Outlook or even your iPad. You are enabled to export your database to Excel for mail merges.

Here are some of the salient features of Cardiris Pro 5

All of your scanned business cards are automatically retyped

Cardiris Pro 5 recognizes business cards from more than 218 different countries. Wherever you may be, Cardiris will recognize the business card in a jiffy.

You can use Cardiris Pro 5 as a major contract manager or alternately you can choose to export the retrieved data into your favorite contact manager.

The mobile business card scanner is a cordless and battery powered one and the business card is zipped through this one.

It is cordless, battery powered and very light in weight and there is no need for a computer to scan; just charge the scanner with a USB cable, unplug it and scan everywhere without needing a computer to perform these tasks for you.

Trusted to be the fastest scanner in the world can scan up to 800 business cards in an hour, phew, that is a lot I guess!

Can directly save JPEG file to SD card, standard USB key or internal memory (512 MB)

The three possible memory types given by the scanner when the storing images work is going on are USB flash drive, Memory card or the Builtin memory in that particular order.

You can get a free SD card on demand (Voucher is inside the box) The Cardiris Pro 5 is compatible with Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux.

IPad is compatible with the SD card adaptor for iPad and is not included in the box.

Cardiris and IRISCard Corporate are provided with 5 user licenses

You can export your contacts to the Cloud (Salesforce), Microsoft Dynamics CRM (online & offline)

Enables advanced synchronization with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3, 4, CRM Online (Cloud), Salesforce and Google contacts

In total it can be said that customers are happy with the performance of Cardiris Pro 5 and are pleased to an extent where they recommend this product to others too.