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Camtasia Studio 8/Snagit 11 Bundle

The Camtasia Studio 8/Snagit 11 product bundle is a perfect combination of tools that can optimize and simplify the delivery of PowerPoint presentations, demos, videos, or just about anything that you need to show to other people. This dual product package is a great tool that students, teachers, and business professionals can use to facilitate in doing their reports and product demonstrations while adding a touch of creativity and innovation to their presentations.

Camtasia Studio 8 is a whole lot more than just a tool that records your activity on your computer screen, as it is packed with several other tools and features that can help you edit your videos and add a personal touch to them. Camtasia Studio 8 also enables you to import other media into your videos and develop impressive interactive HD videos and share them with your audience no matter where you are in the world.

You can use Camtasia Studio 8 to record software demonstrations, PowerPoint presentations, and other media through multiple screen recording options. Video recordings can be edited using a number of tools such as splicing, combining, and cutting portions of your recorded clip, or you can import media files that are already on your computer and include them on your video to enhance your presentations. Camtasia Studio 8 is equipped with a Multi-Track Timeline that allows you to unleash your creativity and manipulate and overlay objects within your video to create a final output that matches the professional level without having to break a sweat. The program also includes a huge library of visual effects and animations that you can use to spice up your videos.

Snagit 11, which efficiently comes together with Camtasia Studio 8, enables you to create stunning images and videos without hitting a snag. Use Snagit 11 to create visual presentations that can effectively help you to communicate your ideas to your audience. Snagit 11 utilizes the MPEG-4 video format and lets you do anything with your content – from creating simple image presentations to going beyond the box and developing creative video demos and reviews. Aside from hosting a library of handy visual graphics and effects that you can use to draw your audience’s attention, Snagit 11 is also equipped with tools, such as spotlight and magnify, that you can use to highlight important points in your presentation.

The Camtasia Studio 8/Snagit 11 is an interesting set of tools that can set your presentations above the crowd. Although the Camtasia Studio 8 is only available on Windows platforms, Snagit 11 is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems.