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Enjoy Private Surfing Using BullGuard Identity Protection Package

When surfing the internet, you need a security identity protection package that can comprehensively safeguard your private information. One of the leading security packages in the world that has earned global recognition for its efficiency is the BullGuard Identity Protection package. Its interface is quite fresh, simple and slim hence new and experienced users can fully utilize all its features hassle free.

Unlike other similar security packages, this one offers quick comprehensive scans whose results are clearly displayed on its user friendly panel. Other tabs that show up when you launch the application include;

  • Status: To show you if your computer is safe
  • Scan: To help you initiate or schedule scans
  • Backup: To help you backup your important files and documents
  • Premium: This is a set of extra features that you will enjoy by purchasing the premium package.

Social media monitoring:

Most people tend to believe that social media platforms have their own protection protocols to protect users from cyber criminals and spyware. That is not always the case; BullGuard Identity Protection Pack enables users to monitor their social media accounts. This in turn helps to lock out dubious pages that could install malware into your computer.

Identity protection:

This security applications works hand in hand with Experian, an internationally accredited credit agency to avoid any misuse of your classified information such as bank information early. This is very effective in protecting your privacy rights and securing all you online banking transactions. However, you will be required to submit some personal information such as passport numbers, social security number and National Insurance details to the company. They have a strict confidentiality protocol hence you can rest assured that the information is in safe hands.


The backup feature offers an overwhelmingly 25GB online data storage space that can be shared by three computers that are covered by this superior identity protection package. You can store documents, files, photos, videos and even emails in this space. The backup is divided into different categories namely documents, photos and more to enable you organize files smarter. The wizard also offer encryption, compression and scheduled backup options that will surely meet your data storage needs.

Superior AV engine: To save you time, the developers have incorporated a powerful AV engine on this package to boost its scanning capabilities. It has the capacity to scan up to 232 files per second making it an ideal choice for scanning computers that are used to store huge files. You can repeat the scans countless times without tampering with the data stored in the files at all.


BullGuard Identity Protection was put to the test by German Authority AV and scored 14.5/18.0. That is a very high score that other anti-virus programs have not managed to beat. A clear indication that it is the best at what it does.

Be sure to install it fully by following the installation set up provided to access all its features. It’s very affordable and can be purchased online on various accredited websites.