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WeBuilder – one of the most comprehensive and complete code editors for web developers today

Briefly about WeBuilder

WeBuilder is a truly intelligent and highly powerful all-in-one text-based Web code editor for web developer. It comes with a clean interface and instant startup and is imbibed with super flexibility and loaded with powerful features that enable you to edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, WML, PHP, Perl, Ruby, ASP, ASP.Net, Python, SSI code much faster and easier than ever and the integrated tools enable you to validate, reuse, navigate, and deploy your code in the most sophisticated and efficient manner.

All essential features are in place; templates, code snippets, wizards and a lot of other tools enable you to finish the task much quicker. UTF-8 Unicode support, FTP, and SFTP connectivity, simple SQL database browser are the other features included in WeBuilder.

Features of WeBuilder

This is an editor that enables the user to create or edit any type of programming language for the Web.

WeBuilder supports almost all of the known web programming languages such as HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, Perl, VBScript, SQL, and others.

It comes with several practical tools to help you work quickly and easily; you can automatically complete codes and syntax, verify source code, display color codes, look of your page, FTP transfer straight from the software, etc.

With an interface that is fully customizable the program also offers codes ready for such users who are not yet very familiar with the programming.

The tools that are integrated with the editor help you to navigate, reuse, validate and deploy the code. And the tool comes with Unicode support, syntax highlight help remove most of the problems before being submitted for execution.

Code validation is enabled against the latest standards; the developers maintain the comparison against the latest code standards thus your code changes are quickly updated, and the utility has built-in support of FTP, SFTP, and FTPS.

Flexible search and search and replace system helps code-debug, reuse and other such activity that is code related such as search, detailed search, file search, regular expression support, detailed results and many such others.

Some more functions of WeBuilder

Other functions that help are spell checker, W3 HTML and CSS Validator, realtime PHP checker, xDebug PHP debugger, JSLint JavaScript checker, and others.

This utility enables switching from other editors much easier by making the behavior and the interface similar to common code editors and IDEs in the field.

And you could add a lot of customization to the text editor, toolbars, shortcut keys, menus and so many other things that make you more comfortable. Beginners too need to feel comfortable to begin and operate the tool.

Also available are syntax highlighting and macro recorder functions, a very useful tool when needed.

To conclude, it can be stated that WeBuilder is a most comprehensive and complete code editor for web developers, both professionals and beginners, today, with loads of valuable features and tools, alongside being clean, swift and lightweight, saving you lots of time and increasing your productivity.

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