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It seems Bitdefender has replaced Bitdefender Sphere product with Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device 2016.

Bitdefender Sphere – Multi-Device Protection in Your Home

With the sudden outburst in technology and innovations nowadays, people are not anymore accustomed to use just one device in their home. In a typical house today, you can see several devices such as personal computers, portable computers, tablets and smartphones. These devices need some full packed protection against threats from viruses, malwares and spywares that can be accessed through malicious websites and unsafe files. This is why Bitdefender raised the bar in setting new standards in virus removal and threat prevention of various devices. They introduced and started offering the Bitdefender Sphere antivirus software for Windows and Mac computers, tablets and smartphones to each household.

The Bitdefender Sphere is designed to secure online transactions made in Windows and Mac computers. Online transactions such as banking and shopping require some sensitive personal information which can be hacked by cybercriminals. But this particular problem has been addressed by Bitdefender through its Bitdefender Total Security and Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac features. These features are capable in protecting your computer from malwares, keeping your credit card information safe and making sure that your children are secured from inappropriate contents. Of course, anti-phishing filters against risky websites are also included in these features.

Abovementioned, the Bitdefender Sphere can also be installed in tablets and smartphones. In here, the antivirus software works through a cloud-based scanning technology wherein full web security and anti-virus are guaranteed. And the best part of this antivirus software once it is installed in any tablet or smartphone is the protection against theft or loss. With this feature, users can remotely track their mobile devices in the event that they misplaced or lost them. Aside from this, users can also remotely lock and/or erase all important data in their mobile devices. This is also applicable if you are using a laptop or a netbook.

Comparing the Bitdefender Sphere from any other antivirus software brands in the market may show that the latter is competitively priced. But the price is not the real issue here, it is the quality of protection being provided and the quantity of devices the protection can cover. Spending a little bit of money to much priced software is better than purchasing cheap ones as long as you are guaranteed that every device that you have is fully protected against unknown threats, viruses, malwares and spywares. Sacrificing the protection of your devices for the sake of a cheaper price is not really advisable especially nowadays.