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Baby Jogger Strollers: An All Terrain Alternative

You might think that the words all-terrain and baby stroller don’t belong in the same sentence since taking the baby out for a stroll isn’t supposed to be an intense and rugged activity. However, there are some people who are actually looking for one since they want to spend as much time as possible with their kids.

Some parents bring their kids to work and if they work outdoors, then they need a stroller that can handle the outdoors well. Some parents would want to stay fit so that they can live long enough to see their grandkids so they want a stroller that they can bring while jogging outside. Unfortunately, a few years back, there were very few choices when it came to this niche. Enter the Baby Jogger Company and its Baby Jogger City Mini 2011 Strollers series.

Best Bang for Your Buck

The Baby Jogger City Mini 2011 Stroller line is one of the more popular models available. It is available in both single and double varieties and has a lot of great features:

  • Lightweight – light and easy to use, they are perfect for parents who need to go out and run errands. With this, they can bring their babies with them while going shopping.
  • Easy to Fold – Most heavy duty strollers are big and bulky which make them difficult to store. This model features a one-step folding system so that you can hold your baby in one hand and use the other to fold and store the stroller with the other.
  • Swiveling Front Wheel – This stroller has a front wheel that fully swivels so as to make maneuvering around bends and corners far easier.
  • Can Recline – These Baby Jogger Strollers can be reclined to a near flat position which is perfect when the baby is sleeping. The seat is padded which makes it extremely comfortable for the baby even when traveling long distances.
  • Multi-position sun canopy – allows you to keep the sun out of you baby’s eyes and regulate how much sunlight he gets.
  • Peek a Boo Window – this feature lets you check on your baby anytime
  • Lockable swivel front wheel – great for long distance strolling

Perfect for Both You and Baby

The Baby Jogger Company has been manufacturing specialized baby strollers for more than 25 years and this means that they are doing something right if they’ve provided parents with a durable baby stroller for more than a quarter of a century. Started back in 1984, the person that invented the titular Baby Jogger Stroller was a parent that wanted to spend more time with his baby. However, he was disappointed by the fact that most carriages weren’t durable enough to handle his outdoor job in the newspaper so he designed one instead.

Due to the efforts of one man, there exists now an entire line of strollers that is suited for the parent with an outdoor lifestyle but would still want to bring their babies with them wherever they go. With this, they baby will be kept safe no matter where they head as the stroller can handle the stress of moving at a slightly faster pace. It is durable and sturdy in construction so that it can work on any surface without being damaged.

When looking for a baby stroller that can keep up with the hectic and busy lifestyle of the parent, there is nothing better than a Baby Jogger Stroller. With this, both baby and parent is sure to have an enjoyable time together outdoors.