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Avid released Sibelius 8.0, or what is being called the “next generation” or “new Sibelius”. Various license plans are available for purchase, and a 30-day trial is available.

Introduction of previous versions of Sibelius:

Sibelius 7 – The Most Sophisticate Music Notation Software

Sibelius 7 is one of the leading music notation software in the world that meets the needs of composers, musicians, teachers, and students. Its user-friendly interface allows users to quickly get the professional audio that they want. Sibelius 7 is also simple enough to operate which makes it easier for beginners and students to compose and write music. The software comes with a high-quality sound library that gives users the chance to produce great and stunning score sheets, and it has a MusicXM interchange support that allows users to share their compositions with other people. These features make Sibelius 7 the most sophisticated way to create music.

Task-Oriented Interface

Sibelius 7 comes with a task-oriented interface that guides the users during the process of creating a score sheet. Furthermore, the task tabs of the interface have icons and text descriptions to guide users. These task tabs can be accessed by the using keyboard shortcuts and buttons. The software also comes with a detailed contextual instruction to help users.

High-Quality Sound Library

The software is built-in with a 38 GB sound library filled with various sounds, including a symphony orchestra, alternative rock, pop, traditional instruments, and more.

Support a Native 64-bit

It has a 64-bit Native that allows users to use the full potential of a 64-bit computer which has a faster processing speed and larger storage space for memory than other computers. With this feature, users can add more dramatic effects and viral instruments to their compositions.

Other Features

  • It has an optimized single-space screen so that users won’t be easily be distracted with the other tabs on their laptop. With this, they can focus more on their project.
  • The software comes with different OpenType Fonts, ligatures, and text frames with built-in full DTP system.
  • Score sheets can be converted into PDF, JPEG, PNG, and other file formats so users can easily share their compositions online.