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avast! products

avast! Products are antivirus programs that are available for people using Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The user interface is available to you in more than 41 languages. The company has some quality products that are best suitable for different kinds of users.

Avast Premier

Avast Premier is a product that has new and improved concepts that have  gone beyond basic privacy tools and remote access methods. The Premier has data shredder tools that deletes your private data permanently. You need not worry about your private data being accessed by anyone unknown. This feature is perfect for you when you sell your old computer to someone. Once you use the data shredder, you can be rest assured about the data being deleted permanently. You also have another great feature that allows you to access your computer from anywhere in the world. You also have a software updater that updates all the outdated software applications. The new release has a lot of improvements that will make security more stronger and more efficient. If you have infected machines, you can use the software to safely load and take care of the infections.

Avast Internet Security

If you want to be ahead of the emerging threats and malware, then you have the perfect solution for your case. Avast Internet Security is the technology that keeps you ahead of the new and emerging threats that crop up every day. There are many kinds of malware programs, and the Internet Security identifies the smallest and most difficult to track malware. The software has inbuilt spam and scam filters that protect you from all kinds of hacking methods. Using the Internet Security from Avast, you can now safely open your favorite shopping and banking sites. The software protects you from all kinds of hacking and data theft methods. The latest version has more updates like the firewall compatibility for trusted programs.

Avast Pro Antivirus

Avast Pro Antivirus is the flagship program that works upon the Avast’s proven antivirus technology. Avast has some high quality features like  privacy-enhancing,  anti-phishing, do-not-track, and browser-cleaning and the Pro version builds on these concepts and provides you unparalleled security for your online world.  The new proactive software updater keeps all your programs up to date. The Safe Zone feature protects you from all forms of bad downloads and other malware threats. The advanced features in the software give you ultimate protection from all kinds of threats. The finest of threat is detected early and destroyed by the software.The updated algorithms are proactive in finding any form of threats that can harm your computer. You get an early warning on any file that is trying to enter your computer. You now have multilayered protection for your PC.

Depending on your needs and your specific requirement, you can choose from the range of security options that you must use for your computer. Right from a basic user to an advanced user will find relevant security solutions with Avast.