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Avast Pro Antivirus

Having basic antivirus program is a necessity nowadays. But when we say basic, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll just have to settle to those cheap antivirus flunking at the market. There are a lot of risk on the internet nowadays and you can’t just put the safety of your computer in the hands of a mediocre antivirus software. If you want a basic antivirus program that includes advanced features that the other brands have reserved for their premium packages, then Avast Pro Antivirus might be the program that you are looking for.

Avast is a world-leading antivirus software developer and is known to deliver antivirus solutions that are fast and effective in fending off malware attacks. The Avast Pro Antivirus has an intuitive UI where all components are neatly organized, making it easy for you to use its wide array of scanning methods. Though it uses the traditional viral-signature matching, which compares digital fingerprints of known malware with those files on your machine, it adds behavioral monitoring to detect dangerous software by watching how the software acts in your system.

If you are still using the ancient Windows XP, you will certainly appreciate its “Hardened Mode” that will only run the whitelisted software, making your old PC more secure since it is more prone to malware attacks. Pro Antivirus has a Sandbox, in which you can run suspicious files such as software in a secure are so it’s operation won’t unfavorably affect your computer.  Moreover, the Antivirus Pro screens email attachments and blocks malicious links, and there’s also a Silent/Gaming mode that will silently protect your computer while you’re enjoying your game or movie.

Pro Antivirus also comes with SecureDNS, a feature that many antivirus programs doesn’t have. It ensures that your system’s DNS settings aren’t hijacked by malware that then redirects your Web browser to malicious websites. The program’s versatile malware scanner lets you scan the entire system, a single drive or folder, browser extensions, or network threats, though it can’t examine your cloud storage. It also comes additional features such as password manager, browser cleanup, and the new SafeZone Browser, that lets you securely browse the internet or pay your bills online without worrying about security.

All in all, Avast Pro Antivirus has the features that can quickly and effectively defend your computer against malware like no other antivirus program ever has.