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Auslogics File Recovery

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Auslogics File Recovery and the type of help it offers

How does Auslogics File Recovery help you?

All of us at some point of time would have had a bitter experience of either accidentally losing a file or folder by deleting it by mistake or losing it due to a system crash, or a virus attack maybe. And just imagine the agony if it happens to be a confidential or highly important folder or one full of precious memories captured in photos.

This is where Auslogics File Recovery comes to your rescue; yes it can bring back those lost files and folders and save you from going through the anguish of losing something so very important or invaluable.

This powerful tool works with the hard drives, USB storage drives and memory cards and can recover any type of file even if it is from lost partitions. What a relief it is to have something as powerful and as valuable a tool as this!

Why only Auslogics File Recovery?

This program can recover unbelievable amount of data from the hard drive or memory card even after a quick format.

With this program you can enjoy intelligent control by being able to customize your scan for the deleted folders, have a preview of the search results and recover only those files that you would need.

Austogics technology is the only one to have been proved to be safe and effective and is recommended by experts in the industry.

Free trial of 30 days is offered during which time you can run a full scan for deleted files and recover as many files as you want with only a limit on the size of the file.

Do you know that your deleted files are actually not deleted?

When you clear your recycle bin the files disappear but they are not totally deleted, they are only removed from the listing on the PC but stay on the hard drive till it is overwritten by some other data. Hence, it is better to use Auslogic File Recovery sooner since then your chances of retrieving your file is greater.

What can you recover with Auslogics File Recovery?

Auslogics can recover all types of files; you can recover photos, music, videos, documents, and any other file type you wish to.

For recoveries that are tough Auslogics File Recovery uses deep scan and this allows you to dive deep into your file system to recover the files that people thought would be impossible to recover.

Though we have Auslogics File Recovery come to our rescue when we lose some of our important files and folders, we should always try to prevent the loss.

And how do we prevent file loss?

It is always good to back up all important data regularly to an external drive or put it in cold storage.

Have a good antivirus program running to prevent malware from wiping out your data.

Have regular PC maintenance to make sure that all of your drives are in good working condition and also prevent crashes.