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Audials One 11 is a highly acclaimed tool for audio and video downloading capabilities. It has some fine features that will appreciated by heavy users of audio and video. The new version of the software comes to you with a very smooth and highly intuitive interface to operate. The color schemes are really wonderful and the way the software allows you to go to different controls is simply amazing. The user interface is so simple that a newcomer to the software will understand the usage without the need for any assistance.

The best part of the software is the capability that it has to find all free music and videos on the web. Any instance of music or video is found to be free, the search engine grabs such files and allows you to download them. Just type your favorite artist and you will find all the music that is freely available to you to download. You also get the source of the music and video file for downloads. The quality of downloaded files is simply unbeatable. The software provides you with seamless downloads and high quality output for the downloaded files. Converting files to new formats can be easily done with the software.

Here are some quality features that are added in the new version of Audials One 11


What is most exciting is the way you navigate the software. You will like a software if it has an easy interface, and the new Audials One 11 has fully animated user interfaces. You can define the kind of view you like for the software. You also have a mini player mode to keep your player in a power mode or hidden.

Live Streaming

Music lovers will love to have this feature where they can record and download live streaming music. If you are a music lover, you have got a wonderful feature using which you can listen and retain a music piece you like. You can record songs that play live and store them in your favorite formats. The quality of the downloads is amazing, you can expect to have a great quality of recorded music. With Audials One 11 you can now record music as you listen, record movies as you watch and fetch media files from websites and other music portals.

Search features

The navigation features have been improved to a large extent. It is very easy to search for media files with keywords. You can now use specific keywords to search your favorite media files. Search you most liked radio stations with a keyword and enjoy your favorite music. That’s not all, you also have another great feature that allows you to search media files of your favorite artist by their photos. Search for the latest media files of your favorite artist anytime and be updated about the latest releases.

Audials One 11 is the best software that is available for a music and movie lover. It has all the sophisticated options that you would love to have in a media software.