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TotalMedia Theatre 6 comes to you from ArcSoft. The player is the only one that you need to handle all the media files. It is a leading and all-in-one media player for personal computers. You can use the software to view all the media files on the local machine or you can use the software for watching media files online too. It is a complete and fully functional media player that handles all kinds of media files. The software is backed by sound experience and is a perfect tool that is delivering excellent quality and unbeatable media player performance. The latest version brings an out of the world movie experience to you and allows you to fully enjoy the audio-visual effects.

The TotalMedia Theatre 6 is a Blu-ray player software that is suitable for both movie lovers and occasional viewers. Loaded with features, the software gives excellent and flawless Blu-ray playback for your video files.

Here are the latest features of the ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 6 software:

New UI Design for Windows 8:

Using the software, you can take total advantage of the look and feel of Windows 8 Operating system. The software has intuitive media control capabilities with a touch screen interface. You can access the latest movies that you played quickly and easily. The TotalMedia Theatre gives you unparalleled media playback experience.

Play All Media Files Smoothly:

You will find many forms of media files available to you. There are many formats that media files come in and, it was not easy to play them all in a single player. However, with ArcSoft’s TotalMedia Theatre 6, you can play all media files with ease and without the worry of buying multiple applications for different formats. The software supports almost all types of media file extensions.

Movies in 3D forms:

You can play 3D movies and video files of all kinds. You can also create 3D videos from your 2D and DVD versions and convert them to 3D forms. The software incorporates advanced algorithms to transform DVD’s and your low resolution videos and convert them to high resolution videos. The technology will help you convert old formats to new HD quality videos.

Download, Play and Share Online Video

It is fun to share your favorite videos with your friends and family. You spend a lot of time on social media websites by sharing images, songs and other favorites. You can now enhance your social media experience by sharing your favorite videos on your social media profiles. You can play, download and share media files with the help of TotalMedia Theatre 6.

Parental Control

You can control the kind of movies that your kids are exposed to in the online world. You can lock your movie collection with a password so that your kids don’t get access to your movie set. You can keep your collections to yourself and have your kids watch media files that are good for them.

Finally, ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 6 is a fully loaded software with features that will change your media viewing experience.