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ArcSoft Portrait +, an amazing program that promises remarkable results for your portrait photos

Do you ever wonder how pictures of celebrities look so beautiful and blemish free whereas however pretty you may look your photos lack that special glamour; but now with ArcSoft Portrait + it is possible for you too to possess beautiful portraits just as other celebrities do.

Let us see how ArcSoft Portrait + helps to create those flawless portraits

While editing portraits one has to look into several aspects and make a lot of adjustments to get the desired end result; you will have to make color effects adjustments, change background and eliminate objects in the photos that are not necessary.

ArcSoft Portrait + offers a wonderful solution that is based around intuitive pre-defined styles for portrait photos and combines them with perfection with the other general editing tools to help you create some truly inspiring portrait photos. This software enables the user to batch process numerous photos at one go.

This software offers auto-retouching capabilities and is imbibed with simple to use features all of which go into transforming your ordinary photos into mind blowing portraits.

ArcSoft Portrait+ comes with an innovative retouching program which enables you to erase blemishes, smoothen any type of skin and do you know you can even manipulate facial features? This is truly awesome, don’t you think? All these go towards making this program one of the best photo enhancers available in the market.

This is so easy to navigate that even beginners with no formal degree in graphic design will be able to work with and achieve excellent results; moreover the tools and presets are also made easily and readily available.

Photographers who wish to edit a complete photo shoot, a batch of 10 or 100 at one go will benefit immensely with this ArcSoft Portrait+ since it enables you to import all of them at once into its workspace.

You can import images as small as 480 x 480 and also those as large as 8,000 x 8,000. Once this job is done Portrait + springs into action by auto-detecting the faces in your images and getting them ready for facial mapping.

With 25 various facial mapping points Portrait + enables the users to tweak and mold to their subject’s faces. The automatic detection feature of this program can identify almost 20 faces in a single photo thus saving you lot of time if it had to apply points manually.

Support and help offered by ArcSoft Portrait +

Users can easily overcome the learning curve that comes with any new photo retouching software with the six online tutorials that this program offers. In the FAQ section users will find answers to common queries and there is also a 24-hour helpline during normal weekdays which is available via phone or live chat too.


Either minor facial touchups or major surgeries on your photographs, ArcSoft Portrait + has it all. Be it evening out the skin tone , removing blemishes, adding the right makeup or doing hitherto unimaginable things like reshaping the nose or slimming the person’s face, everything is possible with ArcSoft Portrait +; it allows you full control to get the results you wish to see, super, isn’t it?