Apple MacBook Air 11.6-Inch

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Apple has always strived to push the limits. All their competitors know it. All their customers love them for it. With the new Apple MacBook Air 11-inch, the company has once again done just that. The Apple MacBook Air 11-inch is one of the thinnest notebooks out there in the market. It was specifically designed to form a tapered wedge.

This notebook is also the first to have the well renowned unibody engineering design. The whole case is basically carved from one block of aluminum. The processor is Core 2 Duo that is made to take up less than half the room of other counterparts. Much of the exterior case possesses the same simplicity. The front part of the Air has a notch to provide a spot for opening the screen. The bottom of this notebook features only a set of plastic bumpers to prevent scratches at the bottom of the Air.

Upon opening up the notebook, users are presented with the signature MacBook package. Individual keys are found within carefully cut holes in the casing. The trackpad of the MacBook is typically large, even more so since it is only on an 11 inch notebook. The trackpad is very efficient allowing the integration of mouse buttons in it. Other specifications of this gorgeous Apple MacBook Air 11-inch are as follows: a 1366×768 clear resolution, 64GB of solid state drive, NVIDIA GeForce graphics card with an additional 256MB of shared memory and of course a built in iSight camera and built in microphone. The notebook also has 2GB of dedicated memory.