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Family Tree Maker 2014

Have you thought about preserving your family tree for life? If yes, Family Tree maker 2014 is the tool that you must use to manage your family tree. You can now research about your family and its roots. You can find out all about you and your family and its origin. You can leave this information for generations to come with the Family Tree maker.

The family Tree Maker comes to you with amazing capabilities that will make your family tree look real. You can fill the family tree with photos, documents, audio and videos. You can relive your experience at any moment in time. The past can be captured in various modes of memory management systems and updated on your family tree.

Here are some phenomenal capabilities that Family Tree maker 2014 has for your family:


If you have a large family and you have too much data chunks to manage, then the latest version is your friend. The new version is 64-Bit compatible and has the potential of using the entire processing capacity of your personal computer. With the new release, you have the advantage of speed and accuracy to your side.


You now can see the family tree in new dimensions. The navigation is much easier with the new release of the software. You can now view and manage extended family members in a click.


The new TreeSync feature lets you manage and synchronize your family tree with Ancestry.com’s tree. You can easily share the family tree with the members of your family anywhere around and also work on updating it together. The software allows you to be a part of the largest and most frequently used family history community in the world. With the TreeSync, you can choose to either keep your family tree public or private. You can choose to be either found or be hidden from people searching for your family tree.

Another amazing feature that Family Tree Maker 2014 has is the ability to connect you to your relatives you did not know existed. You can connect with people who have information about your ancestors and share rare information that was not available to you. You can make connections to the lost trees of your family and get connected to your extend relatives.


With the latest version, you can organize information in a systematic manner. You can sort information based on birthdays, location, state, city and country.


The latest version has the capability to showcase specific family members together. You can view a generation of an individual all together. You can also manage the special dates of every individual like anniversary, birthday and contact information. You can also export reports of every single branch in your tree. You also have the capabilities of editing important information and also updating new facts. The editing and merging capabilities have seen a new level with the latest release of the software.