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Features of the Advanced TIFF Editor

The Advanced TIFF Editor is useful for viewing and editing different file formats, including TIFF, PDF, EPS, PS, and DCX. Through this software program, you can view, edit, print, convert, and save different file formats. With its editing feature, you can remove or add pages, insert pages, and change the order of pages conveniently and easily.

With its image processing tools, you can touch up scanned images as well as send images directly to any printer that is supported by the operating system. Also, the Advanced TIFF Editor will enable you to work on various images more easily and quickly. Do not worry because even if you are not that tech savvy, you can still use this software program.

The application supports a variety of file formats. TIFF multipage files can also be saved with various compressions for every page. After editing your work successfully, you can save them into different formats such as PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, DIB, and BMP among others. Its different features will even allow you to position your images in any manner.

You can flip the images vertically or horizontally. You can also maintain the aspect ratio for images that have different horizontal and vertical resolutions. In addition, you can enhance the quality of your images through the batch processing features of this software program. Some of these batch processing features are noise removal, resizing, flipping and rotating, auto-cropping, and isolated pixels removal.

The Advanced TIFF Editor is a product that combines a variety of features in order to provide users all the requirements they can possibly need. It is a fast and efficient software program that can work with nearly every Windows version. You can purchase it at a very reasonable price, and easily install it in your system. It also supports different languages, so users from all over the world can use it with ease.