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Adobe CS6 Design Standard, for super performance and quick creativity with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

Adobe CS6 Design Standard enables you really quick creativity with huge performance boosts in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Now you will be able to tackle new design projects like video editing with Photoshop and also perform designing for iPads and the other tablets with the help of Adobe InDesign. Recurrent and tedious print production jobs can be done with absolute speed with the timesaving enhancements brought out in the new Design Standard.

Let us see some of the new features of Adobe C6 Design Standard

With tremendous performance boost brought out in Photoshop and Illustrator you can work with a lot more speed and save time on performing tedious production tasks and can use InDesign to create superior designed eBooks or other publication for iPads and tablets.

Being the ultimate toolkit brought out for print design and digital publishing you will be able to achieve exceptionally good results; you can edit digital images, create vector graphics and also lay out pages for print, eBooks and publications for iPads.

With the new Adobe CS6 Design Standard you have no boundaries, you can go wild in your ideas and that too at amazing speed and efficiently deliver stupendously outstanding work ever!

You can manage multiple layouts versions more efficiently in one InDesign file based on a single set of content. Creating multiple versions in one document and automating layout resizing have all become possible, thanks to Alternate Layout and Liquid Layout!

Improved features in Photoshop

Now you can create magic with improved Photoshop; you can retouch images with unbelievable precision, and you can magically create patch images with the help of Content-Aware Patch.

Editing with key tools like Crop, Transform, Liquify and Puppet Warp offers you a never before interactions that are blazing-quick; you just have to experience it to believe it! The new hardware-accelerated Crop tool enables you to crop images with speed and precision. Manipulating images on canvas and viewing the adjustments live is all possible now!

Editing videos in Photoshop enables you to combine clips and stills using features like transitions, audio and with effects such as pan and zoom and you can add them to your digital publishing projects.

Blur Gallery is a feature in Photoshop that enables you to bring about a blur effect to the photographs using simple interface with on-image controls. You can blur the whole picture and pick a focal point and sharpen it, this creates some truly amazing quality to your photographs.

Auto corrections in Photoshop have been improved tremendously; Auto Curves, Levels, Brightness and Contrast controls all help for making better adjustments.

Unexpected shutdowns were hitherto dreaded for losing all of the work done so far, but now with Background Save you can auto-save your edits while working without having to interrupt your progressing work.

There are dozens of timesaving features in the improved Photoshop that enable you to breeze through your production tasks without having to compromise on the quality.

Above all you can enjoy integration with other Adobe tools and services such as Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Touch Apps within the individual components of Adobe CS6 Design Standard, great isn’t it?