Adobe Acrobat Professional XI

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The all-new Adobe Acrobat DC, the world’s best PDF solution taken to an entirely new level. With a stunning, touch-enabled interface and powerful companion mobile apps, Acrobat DC delivers free e-signing with every subscription, now included as part of both Document Cloud and Creative Cloud.

Adobe Acrobat Professional XI: PDF Reinvented

 In the professional world, keeping up with new technologies is only half the battle. One has to be ahead of the crowd to truly stand out, whether it’s for potential clients or bosses who need to be pleased. When it comes to delivering compact and secure files, for example, one can use PDF file types. But to truly impress, one can reinvent the PDF with the help of Adobe Acrobat Professional XI.

This innovative new product from the trusted Adobe Acrobat family goes beyond the usual reading and writing of PDFs. It now has powerful converting, editing, and creating features.

By now, many professionals know that they can convert many file types into PDFs and vice versa. But with Adobe Acrobat Professional XI, they can go further and convert a PDF into a PowerPoint presentation. This is perfect for creating 100% authentic presentations out of PDF briefs or reports.

Editing has also been given a fresh twist in Acrobat Pro XI. A basic function is that users can edit a PDF’s text and images with a few clicks. But more than that, this new Acrobat version has Actions, a feature that allows users to save steps for creating or editing a PDF, so that the same steps can be applied to future PDFs as well. This largely standardizes the process of managing PDFs.

Also a ground-breaking new feature is the capability to create forms. When creating a PDF, a user can insert a form that’s usable within the PDF or on the web. The user can choose between Acrobat’s included form templates, or he can build his own form according to his own needs and preferences. Having forms in PDFs is not only impressive, it is also very practical for tasks like profiling, surveying, and listing.

With these features, Adobe Acrobat Professional XI is nothing short of revolutionary. Useful and remarkable, it is exactly the tool a modern professional needs to stand out.