Now 64-bit compatible, the new Act! Pro v19 is designed to maximize your productivity! Performance improvements to Act! emarketing reduce the time it takes to send campaigns—up to 5 times faster! Act! emarketing campaign management is also more efficient with improvements to email campaign history on the Contact Record, live feedback on your current service level, and more. Finally, customer-driven feature enhancements, including 30+ refreshed standard reports and hundreds of quality updates, make Act! Pro even easier to use.

Act! Pro v17 2015

Introduction of previous versions of Act! Pro:

Act! Pro v18

  • Contact & Customer Management
  • Calendar & Activity Management
  • Lookups & Groups
  • Notes, History & Attachments
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales Process Automation
  • Email marketing with prioritized Call Lists
  • Integration with Outlook®, Google™, Dropbox & more
  • Social Integration
  • Reporting & Dashboards

Act! Pro v16 is a software that is enabling you to get hands on information on key information about the customers. The software allows you to instantly access contact information and also allows you to manage the information in a highly optimized level. You now can prioritize activities based on the importance of the customer.  You can track all the communication with the customer real time and build a productive and profitable business relationship with your customer.

The software is known for its easy to use interface. You can customize the interface for best results, and also customize the tools in such a way that it is easy to use on a daily basis. Act! Pro v16 is the simplest tool that has the finest solutions at a very low cost of ownership.

Act! Pro works in different environments. You can use it a standalone program or you can use it in a shared environment as well. You can have around 10 users working in a shared setup. The company has no limitations for the number of users; however, there are different advanced programs that are available if the demand is higher. Every user will have a license and once the authorization is validated you can start using the software.

The benefits of using the Act! Pro v16

Organizing the most critical customer information:

Act! Pro v16 has key features that allow you to manage and organize customer details in a centralized setup. All the information that is captured in the entire organization can be centrally managed. Critical business details like contact details, customer history, appointment dates, communication history, and business opportunities can all be organized in one single place. This allows you to handle data well and prioritize work and build profitable pipelines. The overall productivity of the organization gets a boost with a good information flow.

Build effective communication with the customer:

Any good business revolves around a healthy communication habits. Connecting to the customer and having effective communication can help you in closing more sales. With Act! Pro v16, you can have seamless communication with your prospects and manage the compunction well. Tracking customer interests and tapping into the interest through email and telephone can be managed by the software and build a healthy communication model for mutually beneficial interests.

Work prioritization:

Most of the companies and individuals fail because of mismanagement. Work prioritization and lead follow up is an important part of a sales cycle. Missing appointments and failing to meet customers on time can be detrimental for your business. With Act! Pro v16, you can manage all these factors effectively and ensure you build a high performance sales team.

Sales forecasting:

You can now manage your leads well; therefore, you will be able to forecast expected output from every sales representative. The way in which you can track the entire customer information gives you ready made inputs on the sales targets and expected outputs.

Overall, the Act! Pro v16 is a perfect software for individuals and small business to handle customers well and make a difference to the bottom lines.